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Content - Substance Source - Re: The Path to Substance Source
 on: November 05, 2016, 04:53:29 am 
Just log on

The process is still rolling up, so maybe the download will appear during the week-end. Contact us on Monday if that's not the case.


Just logged in to see a "180". Thats awsome! Thanks!!

P.S. Please, next time communicate this in the beginning ("Source is free for Live members, AND owners will get free downloads"). This will make everybody happy in the first place ;)

Content - Substance Source - Re: The Path to Substance Source
 on: November 04, 2016, 05:26:18 am 

We gave 60 downloads per license, as following:
- 60 for Substance Painter 2
- 60 for Substance Designer 5
- 60 for Substance B2M3

That's only for licenses which were present on your Allegorithmic account.

Please note that we won't add downloads for new users / new purchases / new upgrades. If you upgrade SP1 to SP2, you won't get 60 new downloads.


Hi Nicolas,

thanks for the list and clarification. One question I got. I got 60 downloads. I have the following Licenses out of my account:

Substance Painter 2 bought 14/04/2016 (upgraded from SP1)
B2M3 bought 24/02/2015
Substance Designer 5 bought 24/02/2015

Shouldn't I get 120 downloads, or am I understood something wrong?


Content - Substance Source - Re: The Path to Substance Source
 on: November 03, 2016, 05:23:06 am 
Same here, bought the whole package when painter came out. Upgraded everything seperatly and now I don't have Source. This is really strange and a not so nice move. Reminds me of the price of painter 2 for customers of painter 1. It seems, that we who paid upfront are allways forgotten. The changed the price afterwards, but why not think about us in the first place.

I will definetly not pay upfront anymore. Feels not good to me!

Got the same problem with paypal. Windows 10 Firefox and IE Edge.... Please check it!


Same here. With the new drivers, i could work for 30 min without a crash. Didn't had much time after installing so will test it more tomorrow.
FINALLY!!!!!! ;)

I agree with bradnewsom to an certain point. It was very sure, that Windows 10 is coming. It was also very sure, that a lot of people will migrate to windows 10 very fast due to the fact, that it is free for Win 7, 8, 8.1 owners. Win 10 got after 4 weeks more than 75 million installations.

And yes, I am not able to go back to an pre win 10 driver, and I am not able to use Painter since the migration. But it seems, that the fault is (also) on Nvidias end. But I guess someone has to submit the error to Nvidia so they can fix it.

Long story short. It is a huge amount of time, that we are not really able to use a software for daily work. That new driver should be there last friday. Today, 6 days later still no driver or patch.

I'm not surprised the drivers weren't released on a friday going into a holiday weekend here in the States. Tuesday seems to be their typical release day.

Hope you are right. I am really badly waiting to use painter again! :)

Any news on the drivers, or which version number they have? They are not 355.82? They are not working.

So far no new drivers are released. Which version number will the new drivers have, and are they beta or release?

The new GeForce driver with the OpenGL fix will be available today. :)

Did anyone had a chance to try it out? If the OpenGL fix works, Ill consider to upgrade to Windows 10 again.

Till now the drivers are not available. If they are, I will test it. I am right now looking for a scenario where painter crashes 100% so I could make a solid test. My hack made it more stable that i thought, that the problem was fixed. I will do my best, and let you know... :)

The new GeForce driver with the OpenGL fix will be available today. :)

Great news!!!! Hopefully everything will work fine after that!! Yeeehaa :)

Hey guys, little update on this issue :
nVidia fixed the problem and we had the opportunity to try out a beta driver, so I can confirm it's now fixed internally. I'm waiting for a confirmation regarding the driver number that will include this fix. Meanwhile I suggest staying with the drivers 347.x.

Good to hear! Thanks for letting us know!

Interesting about TdrDelay. I did some research on it and found this thread on the nvidia forums:

It seems to say that not only do you change GraphicsDrivers\TdrDelay but also GraphicsDrivers\DCI\Timeout to the same value. They also use a much higher value (0x60 in hex or 96 in decimal).

It also seems pretty clear reading the thread that changing these values are a band-aid on a bigger issue. It's not a fix, but a workaround and will probably still crash, just not as often.

Didn't know about the Timeout. Yes, like I said, it is a quick hack and no solution for the timeout. Within my short test, I couldn't get painter to crash, were it normaly always crashed. I also found a link to a Microsoft site where this procedure is descriped: I hope for a solution from Nvidia or allegorthmic. Hopefully soon :)


Thanks Ingo for taking the time to research and share this information.  Unfortunately, it didn't work for me.  Still crashing here.  I've posted a screenshot of my registry setting.  Let me know if I did anything wrong.   Thanks!


Hi Dan,

it seems right. It's the same as I did. Maybe I was just lucky, or didn't tested it enough.
Sorry, that it didn't worked on your side.

Ingo :)

P.S. You could try a higher value. That means, that windows will wait longer for a response. I got a Geforce 960 and was trying with a simple model, If you try with a more complex model, and the operation will take longer to compute, maybe a higher value will work for you.

P.P.S. Tried it with a more complex model and it also crashed for me. So back to start :(

Ok Guys,

I think I found a hack, which will allow you to use the newest Nvidia Drivers with Windows 10. It is not a real solution, but a hack to get it to work (at least my tests were really promising without a crash).
It seems, that painter (and OpenGL) occupy the graphic card for a such a long time, that windows doesn’t get a response from the drivers/ GPU and thinks it have to restart the drivers. That crashes painter.
There is a possibility to let Windows wait longer for a response from the GPU and don’t restart the drivers.
I played with painter for some time without crashing (before the hack it crashed all the time).

You have to edit the registry for this. (DO this only if you feel comfortable editing the registry). Close all programs before editing the registry. You will need administrator privileges. You can do a backup of the registry, by opening the registry editor (regedit.exe) and goto file -> export and save a copy.

1.   Open the registry with Start and type in the search field “regedit”. Or open a command prompt and type “regedit”.
2.   Browse to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers”
3.   With “Edit” --> “New” create a QWORD (for 64Bit) or a DWORD (for 32Bit).
4.   Name it “TdrDelay” and give it the value (Double click on TdrDelay) of “8”
5.   Close regedit (no need to save) and restart your computer

I hope this will work for you. It seems, that it helped me (didn’t had much time to test, but in cases were painter normally crashed, it worked). Remember, this is just a hack and it is not what causing the problem. Hopefully Nvidia or Allegorithmic will find a solution soon.

Happy painting!


P.S. Please let me know if it worked for you!

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