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Directional Warp should do the trick

Remember that you have two Normal to Height nodes and both of them have extra settings (I don't remember exactly but in one of them you can tweak a lot of parameters to get the height to look like  you want) :)

One way to avoid this is to use as Heightmap not the grayscale node you normally use but use the node Normal to Height node. It should get rid of some of those artefacts.
Also it is always good to remember to avoid very sharp transition from extreme white to very dark areas :)

Non Uniform Blur my man and Directional Warp and you will be golden :)

when I read the rules it is clear to me that renders should be done only in IRay
After all NVidia is involved in this contest so no wonder they want IRay renders ;)

You can try to play around with the tile sampler's Rotation and Vector Map inputs - based on the normal map or gray scale image it will rotate those lines accordingly

Is it possible for you guys to confirm that you have received my submission and that everything is OK with it? (by that I mean all the necessary files are there and they meet the requirements)
My submission was called Vase_Substance

Best regards,
Robert Wilinski

Hi all,

Is it possible to expose colors from Gradient Map node as parameters?

Best regards,
Robert Wilinski

Sorry. Won't happen again:)

Thank you - it worked like a charm :)

ok, thanks :)


I have a question regarding the way our work will be judged.
If I make a substance that looks similar to the reference photo but it has some extra elements added (not visible on the reference photo, some of them are very small and it is hard to find another reference) just to make the substance look more artistic and interesting will it count against me or will it be beneficial for me in terms of judging.
What I am trying to ask I guess is - are there any extra points for creativity and coming up with my own extra addition to the texture or not?

Best regards,
Robert Wilinski

Thanks for the explanation.  I will try it :)
Now, what if I would like to have two tile sampler nodes and control the x and y amount in both of them at the same time using just one parameter?
Can I group them somehow?

Best regards,
Robert Wilinski

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