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Just had a look at the "Fuse and Mixamo Future Road Map Plans"-thread over at the Adobe forums. It is a pretty heartbreaking read in my opinion. The Mixamo team doesn't have time to pursue more specialized projects like Fuse because at Adobe they are developing multiple 3D-Apps for a broad audience.

I don't think with the Substance suite it is necessarily the same thing as with Fuse but it also is kind of specialized in its current form. So I would like to know: what is Adobe's vision for 3D, especially in relation to Substance? Does it allow for specialized tools and Game Dev centric programs?

 >:(  :o  :( This is bad bad bad bad.
I am sad.  :'(
Shows how our economic system really doesn't work.

Ah nevermind I just found this video

I guess that should work :)

Hi! I really love Substance Painter so far, it is a very powerful program!
I have a question: I'm in a situation where I want to reimport a mesh with new UVs along with a new normal map. In other cases I may also want to change just my highpoly mesh after the fact, altering the normal map outside Substance Painter. Searching for help I found this:
but it seems to be outdated since under Edit>Project configuration I can select a new mesh, but not a new normal map. Where do I select a new normal map?
And I have another question: If I reimport the mesh with new UVs do I have to check "preserve strokes positions on mesh"?

Thank you very much

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