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I have been using substance for a couple of years now  and had no issues like the ones happening now in 2018.1
The character scene I am working on is big, it's 9 Udims (to be combined later, due to cage problems it was easier to break out the Udims) and very heavy on materials, most are set to 2k.

Issue 1

Random crashes
When ever I try to paint with a brush after about 3 seconds of a continuous stroke it just crashes, this happens every time.

I have upped my Vram to 18GB and also tried multiple Nvidia drivers for my Titan Black GPU.

Issue 2
Was my stupid fault....

i have also reinstalled SP as well
Attached are the log and dxdiag as well as screenshots of the problem.
I can share the project .spp, but only to Allegorithmic and it would have to be privately as it is a professional project and it's 5.7GB


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