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Hi, see the screen shot for Length, you have it spelled Lenght. :)


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Lightwave Normal maps
 on: July 30, 2015, 05:41:06 pm 

Just getting back into lightwave for some things and noticed another thread that had a node setup for images exported from painter.

My question is to those who may have had success getting lightwave to render correctly.

The Normal maps. Is LW opengl or directx format for export in Painter?

I cannot for the life of me get the normals to look correct when rendering in LW with the normal map node.

Do you have to set tangents inverted?

If anybody has experience with this could you be so kind to spell it out for me. :) I seem to have color, rough and metallic setup correctly, it's just the bump/normal I can't seem to get correct.



Everything I read the last week and I was on your site last night was that we had the option for the special upgrade price until March 4th, I tried logging in this morning and the site was down to purchase. I was really looking forward to that deal, I am screwed now?

I guess if you meant "deal ends March 3rd" it would have made sense but that is not what was advertised.

I mean I could have bought it last night but I didn't have my credit card on me.

I know this was in the email

"You can preorder Substance Designer 5 on our store and the upgrade is at -33% ($50 instead of $75 for Indie and $200 instead of $300 for Pro) until release!"


Substance Integrations - UE4 - Blender to UE4 workflow
 on: January 15, 2015, 12:13:28 am 
Interesting topic covered for Blender and UE4 workflow, I am posting since I use Blender Substance and UE4, might be relevant for others in the same boat. :)

Substance Integrations - MODO - MODO Indie questions
 on: January 10, 2015, 12:03:46 am 

I saw a user or two on the MODO indie forum, I was just wondering if any Substance users had any comments about how that version works for games and feature cuts in general.

Does Substance work correctly with indie?

I have used Lightwave and Blender and am wondering if its worth trying the indie version to get better UV and Retopo tools.

Anybody have thoughts?

I also saw that Python scripting is disabled, how crippling is that to MODO in general? I know its pretty powerful in Blender (I use it).


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - UV to SVG baker
 on: December 23, 2014, 04:49:45 pm 

I am having trouble using this, I have a simple model that has a correct UV (no overlaps).

I have two separate node graphs in the project. I needed a mask so I thought, create SVG to mask. But with the settings in the image below, I just get an empty placeholder(see image) and no file is created on disk.



I searched but couldn't find anything about this. When you select resources in the shelf and right click, then select Close, nothing happens.

Is this what is supposed to happen? :) Or does close do something else in a certain context?

So the question is, how do we delete resource/links from the project that are located in the shelf.



I am experimenting with a simple model that has an aluminum base metal and a paint layer on top.

I am trying to add 2+ substance effects to the paint group but cannot figure out how to get say edge wear and paint damage to show up on the same folder mask.

I have watched pretty much all the videos, it seems like I have something backwards, is there a trick to setting something like this up?

When I am stacking the effects on the same mask, I can turn one on and see it, then turn the other off and another on, then I see the one that was hidden. I read about the effect Previous Blend but I gather that has to do with the mask layer the effect is acting on and you want to augment the substance effect with hand painting.

Any help or pointers appreciated.


I have searched around a bit and wondered if anybody had thoughts or resources pointing to some workflows.

Say I want to make a retro game that simulates more 8-16 bit games of the past, PBR is just too real for this. What are the setups/worflows to create assets that can retain their "colorized" look in PBR shaders, just thinking about Unity5.



Substance Painter, version 1.0.2
Build 520

Is it normal that as the project resources increases, save time increases seemingly exponentially?

I don't remember this in beta releases. 

For example, using the Hans project, saving that at the beginning of the tutorial takes 4 seconds. Start adding more resources/layers it can get up to 6-7 seconds every save.

I'm using an 8 core, I7 on Windows 7 64bit so I don't "think" it's my computer.

I am a software developer as well and it seems like a full 4 seconds on every save doesn't makes sense if you only say, paint one stroke (was testing this).



I was messing around with the Camera free and constrained rotation, I set it to free, moved the model a bit and then set it back to constrained(the way it was when I created the project).

Now I can't get the model to rotate correctly using the mouse/key combinations that are documented. I tried using F thinking it would reset the camera transform but it just centers the object.

I looked in the docs but I see nothing about this other than a couple sentences.

Has any body else had this problem?


Hi, using Substance Painter 1.0.2 and using specular channel.

It seems following Wes's Unity tutorial that the Specular is broken in this version? Creating a fill layer and then adjusting the spec does nothing in the Material view.

If you switch to the spec view layer it adjusts, maybe this has to do with the shader or am I doing something wrong?


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