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Good afternoon, dear leaders and developers. I want to help you make even more money, such as I receive updates from you.The company decided not to update and stopped selling copies of the product in Steam.This step is very bad. 1. They will download versions from the torrent and break them. You lose big money when you don’t look from another angle on this situation.Let me explain with an example: There are 2 types of product. №1 Fresh is new and No. 2 is old dry as bread. Product number 1 is good to sell as you do now. For large companies and experienced freelancers lonely. But you lose millions of dollars and donate them to computer pirates. If you do not sell product No.If you don’t sell product # 2 to lonely people who either: doubt, or just study your product on their own and have not been students for a long time, the most important thing is that they still have little experience in freelancing.When I study on my own, I don’t have the opportunity to pay money for a “fresh” product, but I’m ready to pay for a “dry” product that was made 6 months ago.Conclusion: I bought the product in Steam, I am ready to pay for the updates, which came out late for 6 months. I don’t mind paying $ 10 for the Substance Painter and Substance Designer $ 10. I am ready to pay for the updates late for 6 months. you kill hackers, you earn on dry bread and everyone is happy. Or you just keep losing a lot of millions of dollars every year.Sorry, I live in Russia. I know very little English and I am writing to you through the machine.I apologize if I posted my request and the screenshot is not at all correct.

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