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Yup, I've misunderstood things, my bad! lol

Just downloading the latest stuff now. My confusion was down to you guys using the old name for Alchemist. You should have had a separate download for the latest version with the new name, would have made things a lot clearer!

Don't worry, your sub is not rendered useless!  :D
The Launcher is not compatible with these new releases though and is being deprecated. You can now download the new updates in the "My Licenses" page on the website (top right corner).

Nope. Clicking on the My Licences link brings me to my Profile Page. If I click on the Licences tab from there I can see the Subscriptions and they're valid but I only see downloads for versions 2021.2.1 for both Painter and Designer and no downloads for the new/renamed stuff.

Or maybe they haven't been released yet and I've just completely misunderstood things?

If you want to keep receiving updates, you can either purchase a Steam license or switch to the subscription.

I switched to a subscription last year, November or December. When I started up the launcher and look at the Painter or Designer tabs I get a message saying that Substance 3D builds are not available via the launcher, then it gives me a link to click. I look at my subscriptions and all I see are the usual links to the old Substance Painter and Designer builds and a link to 3D Substance Launcher.

I'm guessing this is a new launcher that I can download the latest versions of Painter and Designer but when running the downloaded file called Substance I just get the legacy launcher and no way of upgrading to the new versions.

Does this mean that the year's subscription is completely useless for the next 162 days? Or is this some sort of teething trouble with my account and the new system? My subscription is supposed to run out on 4th December this year but I'm not able to download and install the latest versions of Painter and Substance. I was expecting to be able to upgrade to new versions of the software until 4th December, this is what I paid for. This is why I didn't bother getting the Steam versions, even thought the Steam versions were cheaper.

Have I just wasted half of my money with 162 days of a subscription that brings me NO value at all?

Thanks in advance for any help. :o

Hi! There is no more standard perpetual licenses/upgrades.
You can either subscribe to the Substance 3D offer to get access to all the latest versions, or you can purchase the 2021 version of Painter or Designer on Steam to get a perpetual license.
The Steam version is linked to the calendar year, so the 2021 version will get you free updates until the end of the year (December 2021).

Hang on. Have I got this right?

I bought a year's subscription in December last year (I think? Either that or November!). And now you've decided to release a new version that my subscription doesn't cover?

So my remaining 6 months of my licence/subscription is about as useful as a chocolate teapot?

Shouldn't we be able to update to the latest version until our subscription runs out? That's the way things worked out before.

If I've got things right I've paid for a subscription that won't be updated to the latest version. Is that correct? I've basically wasted 6 months worth of my money, haven't I?

Depends on what platform your software/game is going to run on. If it's a PC game on Windows then use DirectX, if it's running on any other platform like Unix or any Mobile platform (smartphones or Quest or Quest 2) then use OpenGL.

Hello everyone 😁

I'm working on a VR game and in VR Normals are pretty much broken, you get one pixel in height and one pixel in depth, so if in Designer you create a cliff face Substance or a brick wall Substance, for example, when you add that to a model everything appears flat.

So is there any way of generating geometry for a model from say a cliff face Substance..? Because if I can do that I can create a high res model from the Substance, then use ZBrush to create a low res model, then bake the high res into the low res model and the model will look the same way in a game engine as it does in Substance Designer.

Many thanks in advance for any help given! 😁

Medium - Discussions - Re: Medium by Adobe: FAQ
 on: October 01, 2020, 02:33:11 am 
Will Medium by Adobe be on a subscription plan?

Didn't you say the same thing about the Substance products..?

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Words can't begin to express how pissed off I am about being forced to either have no updates or pay a VERY expensive subscription.

So no updates it is then.

I guess we all knew it was coming, Adobe either buy products to kill them off like Fuse (and probably Medium too soon) or buy products so that they can bleed people dry with a pricy subscription model.

No thanks, I'm out as soon as my current maintenance fee runs out.

Many thanks to Wes Montgomery for all of the tutorials and help that you've given everyone. Your work has been VERY much appreciated.

So long Allegorithmic, I'm out. Time to try out some of these free alternatives I think.

It's been a while since I've used the Auto Unwrapper and it seems decidedly broken now, I suspect that this Tiling business (which wasn't a feature the last time I used SP and everything was working fine without it there) has broken everything.

How can I go back to a previous version?

Brilliant, thanks for that! That was the step I'd missed out! I just thought that it did it automatically 😁

Thanks for all of your help, very much appreciated 🥰😁

Your asteroid that is in the scene doesn't have UVs so UE4 cannot generate a lightmap which is why it is black. I exported your mesh, created UVs, re-imported it and I let UE4 generate a lightmap, then the problem was fixed. If you click your mesh you'll see UV Channel 0 is empty and UV Channel 1 is also empty. Channel 1 in this case would hold your lightmap.

If you don't want to use UVs and have a lightmap you need to set your mesh's mobility to either 'Stationary' or 'Movable'.

Well that's odd. I thought that Substance Painter automatically creates them if a model doesn't have one? It went through the process of creating it when I first started the Substance Painter project. I just thought it automatically saved the FBX file with the added UV Map after it generates it.

Do I have to do that manually myself instead or something?

Or have I found a bug that I need to submit?

The asteroid and textures are in Content/Assets/Asteroids/Asteroid 1

And I've put one in the map Content/Maps/Level01

If you can share you UE4 project with your texture and object files I can take a look at it.

Dropbox or Google Drive and you can PM me if you don't want to post it public.

No worries about posting it public because there isn't much there so far lol

Here's a download link from Google Drive:

Thanks for your help! ;D

How would I go about checking the Light Map? I just let the Engine do it automatically when I imported it. It's only one shape though so I wouldn't have thought that it would cause any kind of problem.

No idea. Don't know where it came from. I noticed that myself and removed it from the Material but still got the same problem. Forgot to update my post!

Actually, now I'm thinking about it, when I was bringing Substances into UE4 before (quite some time ago!) I used to get error messages or warnings referencing Opacity and Emissive stuff so I just add them to Substances out of habit.

But the Emissive texture is black though, so it shouldn't show up and shouldn't affect anything, should it?

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