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I think I'm right in saying they render using nVidia iRay Render Engine.

And they probably leverage nVidia MDL Shaders to get effects like iridescence.

Nice to have a timely reply from somebody at Allegorithmic... not


I'm not sure if anyone has asked this before, I did a quick search and couldn't find anything...

Have you guys thought about implementing a shell extension for .sbsars/.sbs's so that we could see thumbnails in Windows ?

It would make life a whole lot easier. As it is now I have to create a preview image and save it with the .sbsar.

Surely I can't be the only one who thinks this is a good idea ;)


Do not worry we will put back this feature soon, it is not gone forever  ;)

Whilst it looks like the sorting functionality has been put back, it looks like the ability to re-order my assets by the download date has gone forever...

All that is available are 'Newest first', 'Recently updated first' and 'Sort by name'...

I'm certain that before the redesign, there was an option to view by download date.

Please put this back, it makes sense that it should be there and is super helpful


Went to login to Substance Source and the site's reporting my password is incorrect.

Changed my password successfully, still the same, cannot log in.

Having no issues on other sites - can you advise please


Tried to change my password again - and now the reset password link provided by yourselves takes me to the root of Allegorithmic's site

What gives !!



SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Substance Alchemist!?
 on: March 27, 2018, 02:45:56 pm 
I'm thinking it's possibly akin to Quixel's Mixer...

Or I could be completely incorrect :)

Whatever it is, it looks effing cool :)

I've just noticed the site has changed slightly, smaller thumbnails etc ( a step in the right direction if you ask me).

But for 'My Assets', the ability to re-order by date downloaded has been removed !!

Are you planning on adding this again, or has it gone forever :(

I hope not...


Hello Nicolas

Hmmm. no answer from the contact form...

My bank had made a mistake, I sent an email via contact@allegorithmic, but no reply, here's what I said :

"Hey Guys,

I posted a bit of a rant in the thread below, but I wasn't given the correct information by my bank.,19164.0.html

Apparently because of fluctuations in the exchange rate, an error occurred which made it look like Allegorithmic had charged me twice for 1 months Indie license and Substance Source access. But it seems that is not the case now.

Here is my original transaction info :

Subscription to Substance - Indie license - Order #136619 - User #84728

Anyway, all seems OK now - although my bank have asked me to keep an eye out in-case on your side it looks like you haven't received the payment and try to take it again.

Sorry for the confusion...."

OK Jeremie, thanks , I will

Hey Guys

Can somebody sort this out promptly.

On the 15th of this month (4 days ago) I purchased a 1 month Indie License, here are the details...

Subscription to Substance - Indie license - Order #136619 - User #84728

The funds were taken immediately and the transaction appeared on my online bank statement a couple of days ago.

Then today my bank has informed me that you have taken the money again. Unfortunately, at the moment I'm living on a shoestring, so I really cannot afford for this to happen...

This is not a mistake on my part, so can you please rectify this and issue me a refund ASAP.

**EDIT** Now I've realised my phone bill hasn't been paid today because of this rogue transaction, this will incur a charge of £15 from my Service Provider. So thanks Allegorithmic, not only have you taken monies twice for something I bought once, I'm now owing money to other people because of it !! **EDIT**

Thanks for the prompt reply, I must be mistaken, feel really stupid now  ::)


Hey Guys,

Don't know if I'm going crazy here, but a couple of days ago I had 15 available downloads left, I then downloaded 'Space Shuttle Tiles' which took me to 14, then I downloaded 'Scrapped Paint' and the counter jumped to 12...

I'm not mistaken as I keep a close eye on my available downloads and try to use them judiciously and wisely...

Before 'Space Shuttle Tiles',  I had downloaded a freebie (Metal Mesh Oblong), so I'm wondering if there is a glitch/error and the software has then decided to treat the free download as a purchase (for want of a better term).

It's no biggie, but I just thought I would let you know.

I would just like to say I absolutely love everything you do :)



I'm in my first month of an Indie License, payment is due again on the 18th or 19th of this month - is this taken from my bank account automatically or do I need to initiate it manually ?

Thanks for your time


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