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Hi! There is no more standard perpetual licenses/upgrades.
You can either subscribe to the Substance 3D offer to get access to all the latest versions, or you can purchase the 2021 version of Painter or Designer on Steam to get a perpetual license.
The Steam version is linked to the calendar year, so the 2021 version will get you free updates until the end of the year (December 2021).

Hi are there other ways to purchase a perpetual license other than Steam?


So I'm assuming this was my fault, probably being too clicky clicky with my mouse, but after installing an older version of SD to troubleshoot, I still had the same problem.  :o  So...must be a project setting then, right? Yup. Turns out my Pixel Size Width was set to .09.  ::)  Set this back to 1 and good to go.

I opened up a project to work on today and ALL of my distance nodes are corrupted. They are all stretched vertically. They were completely fine before until I reopened the project. I copy/pasted the same node setup into a new project and they work as intended/normally (photos attached for reference - corrupted version on the right) When I try to recreate my node setup in my current project, the distance nodes stretch the inputs vertically - as if they are broken. Not sure what the problem is here but I would sure love a solution. Can I revert back to an older version of SD possibly? Currently on 11.1.2.

Please halp. xo

Thanks for your time.

Thanks again for your continued efforts and resolve in this. I really appreciate it. It was driving me nuts not knowing why some files would not work!!!

ah ok. Thanks so much for taking the time to narrow it down and pinpoint the issue. So just to reiterate, its directly due to using Flood Fill and the v7 Substance Engine UE4 currently utilizes?

Hi KG,

Thanks for the replay and my apologies for the delayed response. No I have not found a solution for this yet. Per your requests, I've attached a file in hopes it will help identify the problem. I appreciate your help. Let me know if you have any problems accessing the file or anything relative.

I'd also like to add that this problem is not specific to this file. I have this same import problem with other Substance files I have made, but not all! A couple have worked, which is why it is so confusing.


UE 4.25.4

I receive this message when trying to import some SBSAR files. Some of them will import from the same folder, while others will not. Anyone?!?! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. Not sure if there is anything on Designer's end I should be adjusting or not.

Failed to import 'E:/Dom's Files/3D Assets/Textures Dom Library/Substance/Dom Textures/Catacombs Wall Test.sbsar'. Failed to create asset '/Game/Substances/Catacombs_Wall_Test'.
Please see Output Log for details.

LogSlate: Took 0.000224 seconds to synchronously load lazily loaded font '../../../Engine/Content/Slate/Fonts/Roboto-Light.ttf' (167K)
LogFactory: FactoryCreateFile: SubstanceInstanceFactory with ReimportSubstanceFactory (0 0 E:/Dom's Files/3D Assets/Textures Dom Library/Substance/Dom Textures/Catacombs Wall Test 10.sbsar)
LogSlate: Window 'Message' being destroyed
Message dialog closed, result: Ok, title: Message, text: Failed to import 'E:/Dom's Files/3D Assets/Textures Dom Library/Substance/Dom Textures/Catacombs Wall Test 10.sbsar'. Failed to create asset '/Game/Substances/Catacombs_Wall_Test_10'.
Please see Output Log for details.
LogAssetTools: Warning: Failed to import 'E:/Dom's Files/3D Assets/Textures Dom Library/Substance/Dom Textures/Catacombs Wall Test 10.sbsar'. Failed to create asset '/Game/Substances/Catacombs_Wall_Test_10'.
Please see Output Log for details.

NM. I found the solution in the Substance Documentation. Should have looked there first before posting the question. ::)

If you see the any yellow warning text, lie above, you should probably hit Cancel and attempt to fix this issue. "Non relative to parent x1 outputsize parameter" means that the Graphs' width and height resolution is not dynamic. You're being warned that it won't be possible to generate textures from this package at a resolution of your choosing.

You can fix this specific case by opening the Graph Properties and setting the Inheritance method of the resolution to Relative to parent.

Hi Everyone,

Was wondering if anyone knew why the texture resolution options are not exposed when importing a SBSAR to C4D that I've made in Designer. When I import other SBSAR files from Substance Share, those texture resolution parameters are exposed in the attributes manager in C4D. I cannot manage to expose this feature with my own textures. Anyone know a solution for this?

Thanks so much!

You should always be running C4D in linear workflow while using Redshift.

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