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Hello, i have a rx580 gpu and i have been trying to fix substance painter from 2 days ( random block while painting)
Reinstalling, trying troubleshoot from internet nothink worked.

The only fix for this was to revert back your driver to 20.10 drivers

Im not even sure its from substance painter but from amd because i have those glitch (like vram problem) with vram testing program, probably that amd messed up with those driver ( to kill our CG :-X ?)...


Hello dear Substance Painter Devs,

Could we have the multiple mirror symmetry axe for example if i want to
draw on x and z axe in the same time, it would save tons of times.

Also circular drawing, imagine on a cilinder to make a straight line arround the cilinder easely

A better shelf management, i mean been able to change the name of the items
in the shelf delete them or create a smart material only for current session.

A curve draw tool could be great also as direct shape draw like circle square ...
were when you press it draw at the size you want, somethink like in 2d picture editing program

Also on Tap press may be on more window mode to fullscreen (big windows) on the 3d view
then once again fullscreen on the texture view then back to normal view on next tab press.

Thank you.

So i have a problem, i made somes models many times ago but i deleted the HP models files
I just noticed that substance painter project file didnt keep my HP files
and myself though that substance painter would keep it, i need to fix somes
of those models but i have to remake the HP ok well to bad for me but well ok that
my problem.

Could we have a HP file save option in the SPP file? and also in same time extract HP mesh aswell
That would be better for me and some other i guess who keep only the spp file than all files


Thanks but i finnaly find my answer on polycount forum so its ok now

Yeah unwarp missclick while writing to fast... no its good ill do it myself .

Also my question is really "isnt substance painter suposed to solve this" , i was checking video on you tube some tutorial
were going on autotool and they were telling substance painter will automaticly make the uv fit great with the paint

No i didnt unward just use the uv project, i mean the uv border look like not fiting as its a material

The other model part are uvmapped same way so i dont get why they should be a problem only on this part i also tryed unwarped but i have a sort of same strange behaviors on uv border

But if i have time i will try again using uv unwarp but for sure on the uv border i wil  have the same problem

The question s what is the problem with my model they are like a miss texturing part on the total loop of the face the texture i like different wich should not be with substance painter and triplanar projection

Check again the model, you can see it clearly

Hello, i started with substance painter a while ago but i have a strange behaviour

Im using smart uv project with a 40 angle and i use only a lowpoly model with the option use low poly as high poly with the triplanar projection so it should work ok i think
Did i miss somethink ?
If you could point me to the problem


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