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Is there something to be done to improve performance of the Substance Source browser in UE4? It runs so horrendously slow - I'm using 4.22

Posted on the 3ds Max forum, but looks like a problem has been looming for well over a year.

3ds Max and Substance Designer 5 don't currently seem to work together. Maybe some substances can - but the import error code on newer substances isn't helpful in deciphering how to actually use substance in 3ds Max. Browsing the forums, it seems like it's something that's come up for over a year without resolution.

While ideally we'd have this addressed by this point (since 3ds Max is listed as being supported by substance designer 5, even using Max's 2017 logo), some time-tables, work-arounds or info on how exactly to address this would be great (hopefully that isn't simply bringing in textures baked out from other thigns compatible with SD5 nodes). Is there a way to fix them simply to work in 3ds Max?

Bringing a Substance node into the material editor, and choosing something I want to use, but getting:

"Error in Reading Substance file: "[file path].sbsar"

The sample ones in 3ds Max seem okay, but almost any of my own don't seem to work. Praying there's a fix to this since trying to connect 3ds Max and Unreal with Substance very seamlessly.

What's up with the substances?

The sticky is a bit nebulous since it's 12 pages covering what appears to be every version of the Substance plugin.

With the plugin on the marketplace, and having it installed, I have zero clue how to access its functionality.

Help? Is there accompanying content I NEED? Since it's not listed on the plugins page:

Quick question - trying to understand how presets work, but the main question I have involves finding a way to update parameters in one tool, and have a quick workflow for carrying across to other software.

IE: I have my model in 3ds Max with substance, I tweak some settings that I need to then be reflected in Unreal4 or Unity. I tried this when I was briefly testing Substance last year but the settings in max kept resetting themselves (so I had to kick them to Bitmap and give up on the parameter editing in max).

What should I look at when it comes to that type of thing?

So last year when I bought a package, I got about 250 substances, a few PBR, most not.

How useful are these old substances with the move towards PBR pipelines and what are some guidelines and thoughts on how to still make use of the investment?


This is pretty much all I care about right now with the amount of time I've spent trying to cross reference questions on the SD4 tutorials with things I'm finding with SD5 and not having documentation readily available to just give a quick check.

I can't believe SD5 released without documentation ready. Hopefully it's just a matter of a day or two before it's resolved.

Freaking A, trying to now get substance into UE4... tutorials go to links that aren't there and this forum is littered with unorganized and out of date information. WHY DON'T THEY HAVE A COMPILED WAY TO FIND THE ACTUAL LATEST?! Their 4 pinned topics have almost no useful information. Sorry, now I'm really frustrated since Allegorithmic's documentation is inaccurate and it's costing time to sort through this mess across a bunch of different areas. They should have had everything together but rushed the SD5 release and completely dismantled key navigation and functionality on their website with what little documentation exists. I feel like a sucker giving money!

Now - How do I get my SD5 substances into Unreal 4.7.2 - the pinned posts are from April 2014! Tutorials (also pinned) don't support accurate information, nor does the changelog to to an real download link. What is the actual latest plugin and why the hell isn't it pinned at the freaking top with clear information on what versions what supports and a basic how-to?!

Thank you to anyone with clear information.

Not sure what's going on, going through the tutorial series for SD4 with SD5. I've noticed when in the video 'Exposing Parameters...', that while the base color, roughness, and even metallic, are impacted by the Material Color Blend node when adding the Ground Dirt Mask, it doesn't seem to be doing anything with the Normal channel.

In the picture below the parameters are for the Material Color Blend Node, and the 2D view is of the final Normal Map, lacking any modifications from the dirt mask of the material color blend... What's up here? And again, the other channels are fine.

Trying to learn Substance Designer with my new SD5, but the tutorial videos existing are for 4... With a lack of documentation, it's been frustrating when I come across discrepancies that are eating up time since I can't find information anywhere. Right now I'm having a display issue with the Material Color Blend node in SD5. Has this changed from 4 to 5? It looks like the issue lies with the difference in diffuse vs base color inputs and outputs.

In the 2D viewer it will display the diffuse channel, but that's not a typical output for the PBR textures, and the node now has both. So when you do the connection, it will properly connect to the basecolor node, but I have to duplicate it and assign it to a diffuse out in order to get it to display in the material blend node.... Meanwhile, the tutorial video only has the diffuse channel.

This is the type of stuff that REQUIRES documentation that's not currently available, and it's because it's the small details when you're trying to learn that cost a huge a mount of time in researching and trying to figure it out.

When I load a background into a Bitmap node, it's actually layered on top, essentially making it impossible to see what I'm working on while referencing the 'background image'.

Not sure how on earth to fix. Also, when I click on the brush tool, as I try and adjust the parameters (like size and opacity) - a simple click makes it disappear, but if I hold on the mouse and drag left and right, it seems to still impact the slider (only I can't see it).

I just upgraded from SD4 to SD5... and I'm starting to wonder why I made that call. Doesn't seem to be a clear reason right now.

Most documentation covers 4...

I have no idea where to start learning the ropes with the release of 5, as it, I haven't used 4 at all. What's different so I don't waste time learning things in the 4 videos with no application in 5.

I'm really wanting to figure out how to dive into this but it's rather daunting of a process.


I am considering purchasing the Bundle and I wanted to know if the workflow for substance is unified across 3ds Max and Unity?

My goal is to reduce the redundancy in work by creating materials in two separate programs that I work with everyday for different purposes (sometimes I do renders, other times real-time walk throughs - mostly for architecture).

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