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I may be wrong, but when I can get a proper export, what comes out is not totally correct.
I manually packed maskmap and detailmap based on the info on Unity HDRP documentation (1). Results are different than Alchemist's exports.
I may have done something wrong, so I am sharing the textures and results so you can verify/falsify it (2).
The difference between detailmaps was I guess because of HDRP exports normal map in opengl.

(2): was exported from default preset and MaskMap_cooked.png and DetailMap_cooked.png are what I packed. HDRP was exported from HDRP Standard preset.


When I export current view, outputs come out like some channels mixed up.
After couple of changes to random seed of surface relief or randomizer turns it to a normal export, no apparent pattern in that though.
Also sometimes collection preview colors are way off.
Screenshot of collection preview, layers and output previews:
With default preset, export has no issues.
Thank you for your time

Surface relief works well.
Thank you for your time.


Here are two screenshots on with modulation and one without.
Thank you for taking the time.


Hi all,

I am a newbie to Substance ecosystem.
I cannot use "Height Modulation" filter on Alchemist. I tried to use it on an image and starter materials but no height change. To keep things simple I added a starter material (mud) to the base material and added Height Modulation, played with parameters, to no avail.
I couldn't find any solutions online (Documentation, Google, Youtube, or this forum). If I missed an easy fix sorry in advance.
Thank you for your time.


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