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700 series is a very old model. It is better to get 1050Ti 4GB for the same money.

Looks great, very realistic  ::)

I already smell the fresh sneakers  ;D Excellent work!

Thanks for sharing some magic Fx-Map workflow. Great work. Good Luck! :D

Nice work. Like it. Good Luck!  :D

Looks great. Reminds the design of my favorite the Deus Ex game  8)

Hey, I'm keen to enter this one in the MDL contest but I would have thought the whole material would need to be done in MDL using many layers for the different colours facing the view angle with different IOR. That's how I'm trying to approach it anyway, just using a normal map from a substance graph for the geometry. How did you get so far with just a regular PBR shader? You have the orange specular quite accurate and even the "gray rings". How much of that is baked in to the colour map vs utilising metallic texture, etc?
I do not think that it is necessary to create many coated materials with different IOR, one translucent material with the Fresnel reflection at sharp angles should be enough. The key to the reflections is the panorama map, which can be created directly in the SD. In addition to the normal map, I also use the height map, which, while distorting the geometry, in PBR mode does not create a light scattering. Therefore, for MDL, you need to create a white matte material coated with another translucent material that reflects light only at sharp angles (f.e. from the translucent template).
I use the Color/Metallic/Roughness workflow, so the color of the reflections is obtained from the panoramic map (except for gold material), the rest comes from the color. In MDL, the color of reflections can also be obtained by the color tint of the coated material.

Here's the project I found...
While I'm not entirely clued up on Designer, I'm assuming this is where MDL graphs come in and you can define the thickness of your material?
Thanks for the tip-off. Those experiment on visualization looks pretty convincing.
Yes, in MDL it's possible to set up the level and depth of the subsurface scattering. Even there is a graph template for this.

I agree, if in MDL graph to add another transparent coating with a high level of IOR this should solve my problem with specular reflections of the material. But since I selected a GENERAL Category experiments will be later.

It seems it's necessary to make the panorama map even brighter.
Or go beyond the requirements of the pbr validation for the color map.

Hello, Jeremy!
Does the requirement "Image of the maps (4K: 4096x4096)" mean that all graph output maps need to be placed in "Matterialize_template.psd" in the "Your design here" layer? If so, it would be nice to have a script that would automatically create the cross-section masks on corresponding layers  ::)

Is this something like your reference to the height map Trudyaga?  But interjected before the height output?
I had in mind something like a switchable mask map for height output, which would affect the distribution of the pattern.
For example, worn edges on the light parts of the map, big spots in dark places... etc.
Some map as in this video:

Good result so far. I think it would be possible to create a switchable map for the Height output, with corresponding elevations, depressions and sharp edges, which would simulate the curvature of the mesh and serve as an input for a baked curvature map from other geometry since it going to be a universal material.

Excellent outsole at this stage. It would be fun to see pebbles in outsole between protectors... Hate them  ;D

Hi everybody! I decided to reproduce a cute pattern of pearls.



I wonder if it is possible via panorama map to achieve such "golden" reflections using PBR material?
At the moment, I use the metal mask for it.

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