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This is how the top is coming out for me, which is perfectly fine:

But these are the screws I attached to the high poly's lid:

To do it and bake. I believe I made some adjustments between the high and low whilst sorting out the interior, which could be why the tops on your examples weren't baking out right. I'm going to try it my end as well just to make sure.

Let me try giving you the low again. I think I have a new one now to go with that high. I never had those issues on top the last time I tested it.

I'll experiment with making Normal stamps, but I want to see if I can get this method to work first. I've uploaded my high poly with the floating geo. :)

I've attached them and then done a quick test bake, but they look poor. Very low quality.

Would simply attaching them to the lid, so they're a part of the same mesh, work? I don't think I did that. I may have just placed them so they were sticking through.

This is the floating geo I currently have at the moment. May end making some more.

Thank you. :)

Just a quick question: with floating geometry, such as bolts, rivets etc. does there need to be a low poly version of them as well? I tried just placing my high poly ones over the front of the lid, but they haven't baked down onto the low.

Okay, I had to import the lid for the high-poly with none of the modifiers baked down and sorted out the Smoothing Groups on the under-side. Apart from a few minor glitches that need cleaning up, it's come out correct. Thanks for all your help with this. :)

Oh bugger. Something else I've overlooked... lol. Yeah, the high-poly has a lid, but it doesn't have an under-side. That would explain a lot.  ::)

Okay, after spending some time re-unwrapping the under-side of the lid and adjusting the Smoothing Groups, I've done another test bake, and the exterior is the cleanest I've ever had from Painter. :D However, the under-side of the lid is still a bit messy. Again, I'm not sure if it's because of using a Shell modifier, or if Substance just has issues with interior spaces when baking.

Excellent. Looks like those overlapping parts are due to the Shell modifier I mentioned. Some cuts were made on the inside that I didn't make, or wasn't aware of. Once they're cleaned up, I'll re-bake and report the results. :)

Ahhh. Such a pity you can't 'like' posts here...  ;) Do high and low meshes have to be perfectly aligned/overlapping, or just close to it? I have some objects that aren't perfectly overlapped, but they've still baked out pretty well.  :o

Okay, we're aaaaalmost there. Arranging the tiles correctly has now numbered them in Painter and that cap is baking out correctly. :D Everything else has too, more or less. Although ironically, with the previous attempt, the main body baked out right, but now it's going a bit weird at the corners of the small alcoves again. There's always something... :-S

You mean the UV tile or the baking issue?

Okay, so, the bake has come out better, but it's still not quite there yet. I've put each UV tile along by 1 from left to right, so it goes U1,V1, U2,V1, U3,V1 etc. all the way to 13. Everything is still named in Painter though; no number convention. As I say, everything has mostly come out clean except the first part - the cap. The little grooves around the bottom look as though they're crushed a bit.

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