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Here's a difficult one and about Substance to Maya plugin 2.1.5 and Maya 2020:
I can load substance to Maya successfully and get a drop down. As soon as I load a sample into Hypershade and click on Create Shader Network, maya crashes with Visual C++ Runtime library error. I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything. I installed Maya, Substance and the plugin from scratch and still getting the error when i want to build substance shader in the Hypershade. Here's the message iam getting:
"Assertion failed!
Expression: res==0
(Please Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled)

I also tried to update my Visual C++ framework but no luck after the update !!!   Iam losing my mind here !!! please help

When I bring my ok UVs from Maya to substance I get black artifacts all over my uvs ! I tried everything: Harden Normals, Exporting as Obj instead of FBX, conform, Unlocking normals .. But no result ..

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