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In Blender, texture baking is very easy.

you click the object, and click "bake", however in Substance Designer I can make my object look very interesting, by applying several materials I have made, yet all I can do is publish the material in Unity5, any attempt to bake the texture on to the UV goes wrong.

I can bake AO maps, but I want to bake a PBR uv spec/gloss of my mesh as well as the normal. this is possible?

I am not using a highpoly mesh just a standard mesh with materials attached.

In SD, in the 3d view I can always see an enviroment if I want to, is it possible to have an enviroment in the background when painting? Or only during render?


i am currently using a 1 month trial. I have make a few basic materials following tutorials.

[here is the type of fence material I would like to make][]

I was thinking, normalise an image of a fence texture, and then cut it out with an alpha channel? and use alpha-height as well.

also I need the material to be dual sided, can SD do this?

sorry if this post is on the incorrect page.

Just wondering as I am new to this and I prefer studying with printed books.

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