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seriously this would be amazing.

loads of people are looking at Godot now.

i am interested in using Substance Designer to make leaf foliage which can be used with Speedtree.

speedtree uses several maps.







Ambient Occlusion

Subsurface Color

Subsurface Amount.

the last two, 'subsurfice color' and 'subsurfice amount' any idea what they should look like, and what would be the comparible outputs in Substance Designer?

it looks fine in Substance painter, but I export the sbsar file and the quality of the diffuse looks really bad in Marmoset.

 I use Unity 2017.1

I've noticed that I've had problems with sbsar files.

the only sbsar thats that work are non procedural ones which are simply containing a few baked maps.

however everyone online is saying Unity only stopped supporting Sbsar in 2018.1

so surely my version of Unity should be fine for using with Sbsar files?

I dont want to upgrade cause I only use Unity for looking at my models, I dont do anything else with it.

the Allgegorithmic addon only works for version 2018.1.

can anyone confirm what I am saying is correct?

I understand the concept of thickness maps.

however I cant find any clear documentation explaining how to use transmission maps or thickness maps.

for example.

recently I made a paper lanten, I used emission maps...

however originally I wanted to make a very thin paper with an candle mesh emitting light inside the lanten mesh, I was told that transmission maps would be appropriate for this.

however Im not sure how to use them. are they grayscale or rgb?

if I add a transmission output node in SD, I notice no change to the rendered substance.

If I export this as a sbsar to Substance Painter, and add an new channel in SP (transmission) what else should do I do?

here is a t-shirt I recently made using MD, Topogun and Substance designer.

Its the first time I have actually exported an item, retologised it and exported it to Unity, I can see lots of areas which need improvement such as the collar around the neck line etc.

I have done lots of work in SD, and lots of stuff in MD but never together.

Also I have lots of experience baking high poly models in Blender, but less so in Substance Designer.

In Blender I can make a high poly model, unwrap it, apply a seamless texture to it, then bake it onto the low poly model. I did this in Blender with this t-shirt's normal map. Is it possible to do that in Substance Designer?

The same post on Polycount....

I made a package with several graphs inside of it. (10+ graphs, been working on them all night)

While exporting to Unity I kept getting errors, thats not the problem I want to talk about though.

however to work out which graph was causing the error I wanted to publish the graphs individually.

so I saved my work, all 10+ graphs in the same file, SAVED.

I then removed several graphs so only 1 remains, export to sbsar file, close SD to save memory, open Unity, import the file to the correct location.

Then I close unity and return to SD, I open my save file, but only one graph remains, the last one, when I closed it, I have lost 10+ graphs, a nights work!

 there is no save option when closing, so I assumed my work was saved if I revert.

you should look at this issue, its 6am where I am now, Im pretty pissed if I wasnt pissed I wouldnt be writing this at this time.


here is my question, its quite long so I will try to make it clear.

In Blender it is possible to texture a highpoly model with materials and tiled textures, then bake this on to the low poly model. Does Substance Designer allow us to import a high poly model, add materials/textures to it, then when baking to the low poly have these things bake on to the low poly?

Of course you can select vertex bake. but its not the same, as its just individual colours and I am trying to make a very complicated texture and if I was to attempt to line up everything it wouldnt work.

do I make my question clear?

the first image is my high poly model.

the second is my SD6 normal map.

the third is my Blender normal map.

I cant understand how Blender produces a nice normal map which looks like its nice and linear, while the SD6 map looks like its created from a single focus point and the nuts in the corner are distorted cause of a 'shadow' effect?

some people elsewhere say "use a cage" 1) I got no idea what a cage should look like, if Blender doesnt need a cage why does SD6 need a cage? is there a quick fix? what am I doing wrong?


I logged into my allegorithmic profile and I cant find where to sync with my steam account.

 From Steam...

"In your account, click the downloads button and then at the top of the downloads page, you will see the "link steam account" button."

"Once you have linked your Steam account, you will then click the "Get all app licenses of steam account" button to get the licenses. "

however I cant find any of that.

I import a mesh, it is about 10 different materials.

I make a graph for each material.

when ready I export output as bitmap for each material.

now I have 40 bitmaps, 10 diffuse, 10 normal, 10 rough, 10 metal.
I have to spend 1 day layering the bitmaps in the correct order in Gimp.

the final game ready mesh will only have 1 material, so having to stitch all of these together is hard work, even Blender doesnt have this problem.

Why cant SD export all the materials into 4 bitmap/bakes?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - discount coupons
 on: October 27, 2016, 06:39:05 pm 

any idea where is good to look for discount coupons for SD/SP?

there are plenty of sites which offer discount codes but they seem like spam sites. if anyone could suggest some places to look I would be grateful.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - SP crashing at 4096x
 on: October 19, 2016, 06:14:40 pm 

my trial ended about 1 week ago. I would like to buy SP however I have trouble when using SP with 4096 maps.

2048 is fine, however 4096 always causes the software to slow down and stop functioning, either crashing or foricng me to quit.

i am using windows 7,

16gb RAM,

Graphics card...

AMD Sapphire (174B - E244) 1024MB

Catalyst 15.10 Beta - 15.201.1151.1005 atig6pxx.dll

OpenGL 4.5 (AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series with 305 ext.)

OpenCL 1.2, Capeverde compute units:10@1000MHz

any suggestions as to what is the  cause would be a big hleping in me moving along and completeing my purchase. thanks.

Any ideas if such a material exists in the substance share? I cannot find one there.

I have made some attempts at one using SD, but they didnt come out convincing.

I was thinknig about purchasing crazybump and producing a normal map... of a jpeg of track ballast...

can anyone suggest a better way?

Seriously, I can do such things in Blender quite simply, (obiviously its a slightly more tricky) but after googling this problem people have been complaining about it since 2014.

I have just made 4 objects sharing a single atlas map, I imported a mesh with 4 materials, with the intention of exporting everything on to a single uv diffuse, instead I have 4 maps which are going to be very hard to work with.

it has completely screwed up my workflow and makes me reconsider purchasing SP.

just my thoughts.

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