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I'm attempting to create lines that essentially follow the flow of bevel/edges and have zero idea of how to approach this.

Let's say I create a tile in the shape of a square like this:

with the grey area representing a beveled edge.

What I'm trying to achieve is black lines that flow along the beveled edge based on the direction like this:

Does anyone know how I can attempt to achieve this? What kind of nodes would I use? I don't know where to start for something like this and learned about FX-maps and Pixel Processor but I'm not even sure those can be achieved with those. I was thinking I can target normals that are close to representing 45 degree angles via Pixel Processor but I'd also have to be able to place those lines at those positions which would be more of an FX-map thing.

Thanks in advance

I'm looking to grab colors from a color palette image but would like to use each color separately. Is there any way to do this? I've attempted to do something like the screenshot attached but lack the knowledge on how to get the color individually.

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