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Not sure if it's really bug or not, but my sbsar files that contents the Atlas Splitter node, produce faded base color texture when I'm trying to use it in Substance Painter. If I don't use Atlas Splitter node, the base color generates as it should be. Also I see no options in the Atlas Splitter node that connected to the base color changing.

In case iff it isn't a bug, what should I do to prevent that color fading using the Atlas Splitter node?

Substance Designer, version 2021.1.2 (11.1.2)
Build 4593 commit 0a3b2baa Release (2021-03-17)

Substance Painter, version 7.1.1
Build 954 - 5e88ad7411da92c9793c3d3787e45eacecbccc92

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