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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Shadow Catcher Shader
 on: December 10, 2018, 03:48:12 am 
Hello Guys i don't know much about painter but is there any shader such as shadow catcher in maya for rendering in hdri

Not that I know of, but Painter isn't a rendering application anyhow... This should be done in Maya if you need it.

This does not really help with the snapping to the corners part. I think it is not good, that a texturing suite that cost a lot of money, cant even snap stamps in the simplest way. If someone got a hint on how to do that easily, please tell me.

If you want to snap to a location, then take the main texture out of painter, load it into Photoshop, and do the edit. Otherwise model the screws and insert them as models. You can also bake them in.

Use the scale feature in Painter.

Oh, not really a case of money it's more about disrupting production. Whenever we upgrade it's across the studio, so just have to find the right time to do it. Hopefully can set it up this or next week.

Yea I understand. No need to break up production if it's not absolutely necessary.  ;D

If upgrading will solve your problem it would be worth looking into. Plus you'll benefit from all the new stuff. :)

Isn't there a sale for prior customers to upgrade going on? I don't know if it's over yet though...

The main site isn't loading so I cannot check.

Why don't you just update your SD version?

Are the objects merged with the truck?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Problems with baking
 on: December 04, 2018, 09:33:06 pm 
I looked at your UV unwrap, and it needs work. Look at your low obj file and you'll see a few thin parts.

When I render your version after baking I get this:

I did a quick test and added in double sharp lines at the bottom of the blade, did a new uv unwrap, then loaded it into Painter, baked and rendered.

Look at the difference:

The current edge issues left are simply there because of geometry.

I would strongly suggest either using Metal Rough or Spec Gloss going forward as they're industry standard for PBR workflows and you can easily move assets from different engines and rendering environments.

If you can upload your painter file for the clock I can see if I can get it to look the same in Unity for you.

Keep in mind, that when you make materials from SD, you can still wrap them around objects without UV maps, but you'll need to use Triplanar Projection.

I have no idea about that video.

I personally work with Metal Rough, and export my maps under the Metal Rough Preset with openGL normals. Then I load up Unity and select the Standard - Roughness Setup.

Everything looks 100% the same. No need to toy around with anything.

What workflow are you using Metal Rough? Or Spec Gloss? If you're using Metal Rough what I typed above is all you need. If you use Spec Gloss just export with that preset, and under Unity use the Spec Gloss shader.

Are you matching the same workflow between Painter and Unity...? You need to make sure you're using a shader that supports the texture files.

How are you exporting your textures?

What shader are you using in Unity?

Also keep in mind that in Unity you should change your color space from Gamma to Linear if you're using a PBR workflow.

Also did you setup a skybox to match the exact hdri setup from Painter in Unity? Lighting matters.

You were right, the lights were bugged. I had lights, but for some reason they didnt light the object. Removed them, added them again and now its working. So weird.... anyways thank you so much!!!

Last quick question.... when you import the low poly model, the two holes in there are messed up (not in 3ds max). In the high poly they are good though.... this is a topology problem right? i need to add more edges?

Cause even after baking the high poly in it, the distortion still remains :(

It could be you don't have enough geometry on the low poly on those areas, and it's not following the high poly correctly. I personally never see these problems in my own work. I will make the high and low in my 3D software, and only EXPORT maps from Painter, never the model from Painter. Then I apply the maps to my low poly in the application I use for 3D rendering.

Something must've went wrong, or your UVs were indeed outside of the 0-1 space.

When I load it:

Then you just need to resize it:

Can you provide the FBX file? Could be because your uvs are outside of their 0 to 1 space.

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