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You can just make a mask from those shells in Photoshop or whatever application you use. This is the same method as hair cards.

Resolution matters when you're setting texel density for your UV shells.

I thought you had a mask already made for the lashes. You would use that in the mask fill for your opacity fill layer.

The file is not public. Use a fill layer, make a mask and select which polygons you want to be affected. Then in the fill layer only have the Opacity channel enabled, then adjust the slider as needed.

Well that would be your answer.

Just re-set your shortcuts.

Do you have an opacity channel under your texture set? Did you use that channel in your layer stack? I cannot see this from your screenshots.

Use the Blending shader, not alpha test.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - Re: What can it be?
 on: April 12, 2021, 08:44:52 pm 
It is best to provide your low and high when asking baking questions. Not sure what I was looking at with your screenshot.

You would just mimic the same template for Designer that you see in Painter. Utilize the RGBA Merge node to combine.

Yes, lots of notices where provided way before this happened.

If you're going to mask things off for cases like this you will want to make a Folder, then add a mask to the folder, and add your fill layers within. If you add fills to a mask it will merge depending on the blending mode with what you've already done.

Thank you. I assumed it was zfighting going on. You have a duplicate version of that mesh stacked.

When asking baking questions you really should include your low and high poly meshes.

Can you share the .spp file that is doing this? Along with your log file.

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