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Hello again,
I gravedig this topic to make an update.

I had the chance to try a new video card in my system, specifically the GTX 470 (definitely a lower card than my zotac gtx 680 4gb) and the issues that I was reporting have been disappeared: Substance Designer vieport responds normally now, without any lag!!

Since I'm running Win7 under Bootcamp,  one initial hip√≥tesis for the lag issue was that Bootcamp was behind it.

I then connected my ssd with Windows7 and the Zotac gtx 680 to a real PC (so no more Mac and bootcamp) and I can report that the lag issue was STILL present.
So I guess we can exclude Bootcamp as source of this particular problem, that then, by logic, must be caused by the video card itself (or by my installed Windows7?)

So, to sum up:
My video card seems to behave normally with games and applications, but fails whenever OpenGL is being used.

Now that I can provide more information about my problem, do you think is there anything I can do?

Could it be an hardware-related problem? Do you think I can return my card?

Any other allegorithmic customers are using the Zotac 680 4gb ?

Thanks a lot,

hey Cyrille, thanks for sharing your consideration.
Let me add that, on the contrary, the camera in Substance Painter viewport can be moved pretty smooth around the object (only the brush lags sometime when it's been used).
Why this noticeable difference in the viewport's performance between SP and SD? What this could mean?

Anyway, since my feeling is that some while ago SD's viewport was working pretty fine, I tried to install some old Nvidia's drivers (I went back to the 340.52 driver from July), but SD is still lagging.
Have other Bootcamp users reported this very same issue, by any chance?
What would be your suggestion to further try to fix the problem?

(I'm going to ask about it as well in some GPU related forums)

thanks again for your time and help,

Are you using the Cube with the rounded edges? I noticed that on my system, that mesh reduces the viewport performance since it has more dense geometry. Do you see any better performance by using the 6-sided cube?

Hello, thanks for the hint, unfortunately the problem is occurring with every default primitive, even when no material is applied.

As a matter of completeness let me add that a very similar behavior is shared also by the viewport of Cinema 4D, when the OpenGl feature is turned on. The c4d viewport is weirdly lagging even when it's empty and no object is loaded in the scene.
So I had to turn off the OpenGl feature and let the c4d viewport to be rendered via software by default.
That consideration has lead me to try to switch to the SSE render in Substance Designer, although without succeeding.

hello there and thanks for the fast reply.

I tried with all the  different shaders and nothing major changed. Viewport remains laggy. Also, as you suggested, I tried to set the samples down to 0, without any improvement.
Any further idea is welcome (-:

(ps. based on other reports that you got, are there other bootcamp users affected by this problem?)

I've been experiencing a surprising slow 3D viewport (both with SSE and Direct3D engine), even with the default scene displaying only the default cube (!): if I try to rotate the camera around the cube, the viewport updates at a 700ms interval (more or less). It's so lagging that at the moment I can't use SD.

When I was evaluating the product some time ago (I guess I was on the 4.5.1) everything was running ok, so I tried to re-install the 4.5.1 version, but the problem persists.
Do you have any idea of the reason for this weird lag?

My setup: Win 7 on Bootcamp (on a dual quad mac pro 2009), GPU nvidia 680 4GB (drivers up to date), 48 GB Ram.
What other info should I provide?


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