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Thanks for your kind words about our product.

It might be related to the shell somehow interpreting the $ sign in the variable name
If using powershell try replacing the string $outputsize@2,2 with '$outputsize@2,2'

There are also some additional information about outputsize here:

Let me know if this solves your issue


If you have a valid designer indie license it should show up among your downloads.
If you are using Substance Designer pro, PM me and I'll help you out.

Excellent suggestions.
We are looking at color management and hopefully it will be reflected in written png.

That is not the behavior I'm seeing. Do you have a sample network causing this issue I can look at?

Working in your scale these are all valid points.
We are working on a way of telling sbsbaker to bake multiple maps in one call to reduce the overhead in fbx loading etc and it might make sense to add that type of mode for sbsrender too.
If I allow myself to speculate a bit here (I don't know what your data looks like) I would recommend you to work with uncompressed texture formats for input images if you can take the hit in disk space since I would assume a lot of the overhead is in image loading and it might make a difference on your scale.

It is possible but unfortunately not very well described in the samples.
To use the dx10 renderer on windows add the following to the command line --engine d3d10pc. At the moment the linux and mac versions have some issues with the gpu engine but it will be resolved in the next release. Unless you have a reason not to use the gpu rendering you should and soon the samples will be updated to reflect this.

I've seen so many people being confused with the outputsize setting that it made the first entry on the frequently asked questions section of the SAT documentation:

Let me know if you manage to solve your issue.

Have you had issues downloading any other files from the allegorithmic page?
My order of operation would be to try with or without vpn's etc. and see if it changes anything.
Let me know if you can't get this work and I'll try to help you receive the files through a different source.

Thanks for your feedback.

I agree that the command line options are not always great and sometimes too low level (your intent is typically to use the best available engine which happens to be different on different platforms etc.) . At some point not too far in the future I want to make command line documentation and error/warnings much better so you can catch the types of issues described.

For maximum resolution, the first thing to get right is making sure there are errors/warnings letting you know when things are going wrong rather than getting results inconsistent with your inputs. There is a big confusion around setting outputsize when the graph is not set to be relative to parent with scaling 1 as well.

Expect these things to get better and don't be shy if you run into more issues.

I'm not at a point where I can give strong advice around this quite yet but I see performance improvements when running things in parallel so there are certainly tasks that are IO bound in addition but I'm not sure what the perfect balance is for every machine but there are I/O and serial stages in some of the processes and you can make significant gains by running more things.
Another performance benefit you can get in sbsrender is making sure you are using the dx10 engine (on windows). Add something like this to the command line of sbsrender: --engine d3d10pc.

Let me know if this helps or if you need more details.

The Automation toolkit includes both the python API for editing SBS files and the command line tools for cooking, rendering and baking. In order to render out textures you need to use the batch tools.
There are samples in the package showing this (variations, texture_mat). The next release of the python API will include python functions to invoke the batch tools without building the command line yourself.


Maya support is on the way and will be in the next release. The issue is related to a dependency on a python module not present in Maya and we have a fix for replacing it. PM me if you want the fix early and I'll send it to you.
Here is the list of known issues in the current version:


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