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In order to solve this you need to make some kind of script (python or batch file) to find all the files and invoke sbsrender on each of them.
If doing it using python I would recommend you look at either the os.walk function:

or glob:

The real fix will accept non-standard input usages (i.e you'll provide a string instead of an sbsenum.UsageEnum). Yhere is an issue with the API for creating inputs at this point.

What I'm showing in my code example is a workaround to solve any emergencies for now, hopefully you'll be able to pass a string in directly in the next release.


I'm sorry for your inconvenience. We'll make sure custom inputs are supported in the next release.

My workaround for the issue looks like this:

from pysbs import context
from pysbs import sbsgenerator
from pysbs import sbsenum
sbs_context = context.Context()

sbsDoc = sbsgenerator.createSBSDocument(sbs_context,

aGraph = sbsDoc.getSBSGraph(aGraphIdentifier='Composite')
input_node = aGraph.createInputNode(aIdentifier='Test',
input_param = aGraph.getInput('Test')
usages = input_param.getUsages()
usages[0].mName = 'banana'

The usage is set on the input_param on the graph rather than the actual input node.

Do you have any aliases in your sbs file? Those need to be specified using the alias flag

Hi Sum,

Sorry for the delay. It's finally out.

I know we did change the command line parser somewhere in the process.
What might be the case is that we only baked square textures in the past, can you try passing in only 10 (as opposed to 10,10) and see if it works for you?

It should be a few days out.
Code is working, just some formalities to clean up.
Sorry for the inconvenience

Hi Andrei,

That looks like a correct command line to me and my attempt to recreate it seem to work for me.
Can you try quoting the 10,10 and see if works, I'm worried that somehow the shell is interpreting the 10,10 incorrectly.

C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance BatchTools 5> .\sbsbaker.exe ambient-occlusion-from-mesh --output-size "10,10" "C:\Users\Merle Boule\Desktop\ATKit\test.FBX" --output-path "C:\Users\Merle Boule\Desktop\ATKit"


Hi Eric,

This is a sign of missing a modern enough OpenGL to run the baker.
What platform are you on, there are workarounds but they depend on what OS you are on.


This is concerning.
The user document directory is where we install samples to make sure they are in a writable location.
Can you send us any logging information from the installation to see if we can figure out what is going wrong.
PM me if you want a different installation solution as a workaround and I'll do my best to help out.



The SAT runs independently of Substance Designer. The installation process is outlined here:

On linux it means:
Unpack/placing the binaries/assets in the place you want it
Use pip to install the python API in your python environment
Potentially set PATH and various Environment variables for the users in order to make the command line tools available and help the SAT to find the resources.

Let me know if you run into anything specific you need help with

Hi Sum,

This is unfortunately a known bug. It will be fixed in the next release. PM me if you need a hotfix for it.



It should be a pretty easy process using sbsrender.
Look at the variations sample for some inspiration.


Hi Jon,

There is finally an example showing how to do a little bit of this:

It uses arnold or appleseed to render material samples and it should be possible to repurpose it for your needs.

It's likely to be related to packages directory and aliases and you have discovered.
For full compatibility the packages path should be the same as used by SD when you author the sbs

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