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Thanks for pointing it out

If you can share the graph and the sbsar I'll take a look at it.
The graph itself should be irrelevant at the time it has been cooked so at that point dependencies should not make any difference.

Hi Bonsak,

For future record, it's called $randomseed.
You can dump it using

sbsrender info file.sbsar
GRAPH-URL pkg://New_Graph
  INPUT $outputsize INTEGER2
  INPUT $randomseed INTEGER1
  INPUT input_1 IMAGE
  OUTPUT basecolor baseColor
  OUTPUT normal normal
  OUTPUT roughness roughness
  OUTPUT metallic metallic
  OUTPUT height height


I tried to make some simple tests here and I couldn't trigger your issues:
There are a few things that you can try.
1. Designer uses the GPU engine by default. To mimic this behavior pass --engine d3d10pc (or --engine opengl3 for linux/mac). This works, there is still an error to investigate since you should get an error if the file is never produced.
2. The second command line command line since it complains about missing files. My speculation is it being related to escaping and quoting or an exotic tif encoding. Can you try saving 256.tif as png and use it instead or similar to rule that one out as an issue.

Presets files are currently not supported. We are looking to add support for it soon.

At the moment you would need to parse the presets yourself and add it as a new preset in the sbs file before cooking it.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

As you say, sbsprs-files are not directly supported so they need to be injected one way of another. We have the ambition to add that feature soon so hopefully it shows up in a month or so.

Hi Nelson,

Can you be a little bit more specific? You can inspect presets from the API. Are you looking to rendering images from presets from the SAT or something else? Sbsrender can also take a preset as an input to produce the images.
Let me know in detal what you are trying to accomplish and I can provide better help.


What type of license do you have?


Sorry for the slow reply.
sbsrender PSD export currently only supports writing one layer at the moment. The best workaround is looking at open source solutions for composing psd files from a set of images afterwards.

Hi Guy,

The way to get an mdl file out of an sbs file is using the mdl tools.
It's unfortunate the performance isn't great. Let me know if this is a deal breaker for you, it might be possible to bundle up a bunch of mdl graphs in one sbs file and export them in one go instead of doing one off exports.

Hi Nev,

This isn't a use case that is covered with examples to the extent I would wish.
The raytracer sample shows how you can create dynamic parameters and refer to other parameters in various ways.
I believe the mapping you are looking for is implicitly defined in the file pysbs/autograph/ in the two dictionaries _sbs_type_to_class, _sbs_widget_to_class showing the relationship between widgets and types.

Let me know if this is enough to prod you in the right direction, otherwise, some sample code that shows where you get stuck would be useful and I'll see if I can give you a more specific response.


In general we don't have a pass through node and if you want that behavior you would need to wire around the node.
This would apply to outputs. However for painter, you can set the user data on the output to disable=true and it won't show up. This will not affect designer or sbsrender though, if you need a network that disables it for them you need to either specifically render the maps you need or temporarily create an sbs file where the output is removed.

Pysbs by default tries to keep the order of everything to make sure small changes to the document will lead to small changes in the file.
You can do it by deleting and recreating the outputs in the order you want them. It is possible to do this on a lower level by reorganizing data structures but I would recommend against it since the low level aspects of pysbs might change without the api changing making it more likely to break when we update things.

Hi Sum,

From what I can see it means sbsrender crashes with an access violation. If it still renders the maps, great news but it would be great to figure out where the access violation happens. Can you send an sbsar file that causes the issue and we can try to reproduce it locally?

Hi Sum,

Do you get any kind of error message with the error code?
Is it reproducible meaning if you run the same operations on the same file you'll get the same result?

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