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The merit of mesh mapping in Substance Designer is keep decreasing.
Adding geometry mask will dramatically increase the efficiency.

just like substance painter, I like to apply LUT table for substance designer because of UE4 rendering.
However I can't find LUT table input for post processing tab in Substance Desinger camera, and color management tab of preferences.

What should I do?

Because the Houdini Labs default baker is not good as Substance baker, I made this nodes for Houdini.

[WARNING][Default](0): QPaintDevice::metrics: Device has no metric information

Every other bakers(from mesh bakers) does not give this message, but UV gives.

It gives me the baked map, but error window pops every time I bake.

I tried to call pysbs.batchtools.sbsbaker_curvature_from_mesh, but i think it is version 1.

it does not accept some command options like nb-second-rays, max-dist-relative-scale, etc, which are the options of curvature v2.

And there is no function named sbsbaker_curvature_from_mesh_v2.

Does substance have plan to support curvature v2?

Every bakers taking external normal map take the options "normal_format" as string, not int.
I don't know how it works on command line. At least, the option is string in python.

--udim <udim>
Coordinates of the uv tile to compute, given as a UDIM id (MARI convention) (e.g "1022"). [default: "1001"]

--uv-tile <u>,<v>
Coordinates of the uv tile to compute, given as two zero-based indices, e.g. "1,2". [default: "0,0"]
These are the descriptions of each command line option.
I tried to parse data from batchtools.sbsbaker_info.
After I got info from the output handler, uv set and udims represent same thing. Just different format.

Can I replace uv-tile with udim option?

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\Jooyoung\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python37\site-packages\pysbs\batchtools\", line 414, in sbsbaker_ambient_occlusion_from_mesh
    return __sbscall(BatchToolsEnum.BAKER, "ambient-occlusion-from-mesh", *pargs, **kwargs)
  File "C:\Users\Jooyoung\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python37\site-packages\pysbs\batchtools\", line 231, in __sbscall
    __check_option_value(option_name, typename, value)
  File "C:\Users\Jooyoung\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python37\site-packages\pysbs\batchtools\", line 100, in __check_option_value
    name, type(value)
TypeError: normal-format expects a string (received <class 'int'>) <--WHAT?

I didn't tested other bakers, but aoFromMesh baker take string instead of int. But, the document says int.

I'm making a tool to use SAT easier than now, but I don't know how to get material and udim information from FBX file. Can I have any hint for this issue?

In substance designer, we can use naming format with material
(Ex: $(mesh)_$(bakername)_$(udim)_$(material))
How can I put material alias in sbsbaker?

I know how to set up flow map drawing. However it requires to use normal map.
What I want to do is, set user0 as flow map, and allow vector brush rotate calculation for follow path feature.


Move or allow user to customize.
Wrists Are Matters. Save Substancers' wrists for world.

Unifying UX will be helpful for who are using both SD and SA.

As far as I know, Substance Designer does not support relative path right now.
If it does, I really want to know how to.

the relative path should be based on...
1. aliases
2. current .SBS file

I got a huge, terrible problem when I published my new assets.
1. I can't see my node in my library. 'Show In Library' option is set to 'yes'

2. Some of exposed parameter is gone. Gone parameters are related to the output size, and format.

3. Some of usage setting of every value input, output is gone. so I can't use material mode with published .SBSAR nodes. I couldn't find a rule for this problem. No image input usage is lost. Value input may have some problem.

4. My published assets does not inherit output size and format from input in compression mode 'Auto' and 'Best'. But it inherit when the mode is set to 'None'. Except only one node. Keep describing in 5. Of course,  .SBS file does not have any problem like these.

5. Fx-map related parameters are gone.

So... What is the problem with this? I can't even figure it a bit.

Sometimes I really like to make some assets which react with pressure.

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