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The merit of mesh mapping in Substance Designer is keep decreasing.
Adding geometry mask will dramatically increase the efficiency.

Finally, it was your project ;) Good job looks great!

Currently making website to release for public use. Thanks for help!

UE4 uses the ACES tonemapper, which has somewhat recently been added to SD in a tab under the 3d view.

Oh, Thanks!

just like substance painter, I like to apply LUT table for substance designer because of UE4 rendering.
However I can't find LUT table input for post processing tab in Substance Desinger camera, and color management tab of preferences.

What should I do?

Because the Houdini Labs default baker is not good as Substance baker, I made this nodes for Houdini.

[WARNING][Default](0): QPaintDevice::metrics: Device has no metric information

Every other bakers(from mesh bakers) does not give this message, but UV gives.

It gives me the baked map, but error window pops every time I bake.

0 or 1 as string.. OMG :'(

I tried to call pysbs.batchtools.sbsbaker_curvature_from_mesh, but i think it is version 1.

it does not accept some command options like nb-second-rays, max-dist-relative-scale, etc, which are the options of curvature v2.

And there is no function named sbsbaker_curvature_from_mesh_v2.

Does substance have plan to support curvature v2?

Every bakers taking external normal map take the options "normal_format" as string, not int.
I don't know how it works on command line. At least, the option is string in python.

--udim <udim>
Coordinates of the uv tile to compute, given as a UDIM id (MARI convention) (e.g "1022"). [default: "1001"]

--uv-tile <u>,<v>
Coordinates of the uv tile to compute, given as two zero-based indices, e.g. "1,2". [default: "0,0"]
These are the descriptions of each command line option.
I tried to parse data from batchtools.sbsbaker_info.
After I got info from the output handler, uv set and udims represent same thing. Just different format.

Can I replace uv-tile with udim option?

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\Jooyoung\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python37\site-packages\pysbs\batchtools\", line 414, in sbsbaker_ambient_occlusion_from_mesh
    return __sbscall(BatchToolsEnum.BAKER, "ambient-occlusion-from-mesh", *pargs, **kwargs)
  File "C:\Users\Jooyoung\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python37\site-packages\pysbs\batchtools\", line 231, in __sbscall
    __check_option_value(option_name, typename, value)
  File "C:\Users\Jooyoung\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python37\site-packages\pysbs\batchtools\", line 100, in __check_option_value
    name, type(value)
TypeError: normal-format expects a string (received <class 'int'>) <--WHAT?

I didn't tested other bakers, but aoFromMesh baker take string instead of int. But, the document says int.

I'm making a tool to use SAT easier than now, but I don't know how to get material and udim information from FBX file. Can I have any hint for this issue?

In substance designer, we can use naming format with material
(Ex: $(mesh)_$(bakername)_$(udim)_$(material))
How can I put material alias in sbsbaker?

I know how to set up flow map drawing. However it requires to use normal map.
What I want to do is, set user0 as flow map, and allow vector brush rotate calculation for follow path feature.

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