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Ah, bummer. But thanks for the quick reply.

Would like to bump this thread, because I ran into a similar issue, and after an hour of googling and searching the forums I finally give up.

I have four input nodes, and four colours, and I only want the colour selector fields to show up when there's no image selected. Tried everything I could think of, and SD always tells me there's an error. Is there maybe some kind of attribute that one could check? Like 'input["in0"].image==0'?

I'm still somewhat new to SD beyond fundamentals (123h says Steam), so maybe some of these suggestions are either not advanced, or simply impossible to do, but anyways. These are regarding some problems/topics I've been running into, and while I could solve some of them, I'd love to see a professionals look on this.

Anything you can find on or in a living organism. Most tutorials I found are regarding dead matter or plants. This would be interesting, especially with the way light interacts with skin.
  • Skin (human or otherwise)
  • Entrails, guts and flesh surfaces

Functions and automation
I'm coming from a programming background, so naturally one of my strengths in SD lies within this part. I see a lot of potential to make working with SD even more easy and flexible, but I find it hard to find material on it.
  • Working with datastructs like vectors and matrices (take them apart, set them together)
  • Building up complex connections between input parameters
  • Debugging
  • Making a custom picture for nodes (i.e. have a custom function node show a specific number)
  • Building an exposable gradient
  • Loops in function graphs
  • Making a particle system (i.e. leaves on the ground that are not all on the same layer, but rather lie on top of each other)
  • Building up a library of helpful support nodes. Not "How to save a custom node", but rather building a lib of things you constantly reuse, from your experience.
  • Using the console window

As I mainly use Unity, and Unity just had some major expansions and changes, this seems interesting.
  • Using the Shadergraph with Substances with custom inputs (i.e. make moss grow on the side of a tree that gets hit by a directional light)
  • Make a template node that uses EVERY possible input of the standard shader, including detail*
  • How to prerender animated nodes that are too cost-intensive to have them render at runtime

* Edit: Whether this is considered advanced or not: Please go for it. If you look at Unitys shiny new HDRP, there's a lot that has changed, and there are a lot of new maps to be considered now. While the features may still be in beta, better get on top of it now.

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