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Hay guys, so I'm just wondering if this is possible. Iv imported a coloured decal for a fire extinguisher and although I can paint on the base colour within the projective (ignoring the outside areas), for roughness It just paints the corresponding greyscale as to what the coloured area would be in greyscale form, now i understand why it does that but Im wondering if there is anyway to directly paint the decal a solid roughness colour within the stencil/ projection tool, without approximating it and going outside of the area. Is there a paint on only opaque sort of like in photoshop? or something similar. I know that I could do this an alternative way by just importing a black & white image but how could I do it using a coloured image by using a layer and not a fill layer (or is there a way of doing it in the fill layer)

EDIT: I just did it by using the levels node, but is this the correct way of achieving something like this?

Fixed, wont allow me to remove post, it wasnt a bug, just me being silly.

It seems like bake by mesh name is broken, i jsut done a test bake on a mesh of which I baked the exact same LP & HP in 2.4 with bake by mesh nme perfectly. On this version it bakes with baking errors all over my mesh, is anybody else getting this? I saw someone post on the Painter 2.5 youtube video saying they think its broke to.

Hay guys, is it normal for working in 4096x4096 to be really slow when applying new materials and even adjusting sliders of roughness etc. Sometimes it would even crash but its mainly how slow It is for me when working in it. I would be forced to change to 2048. My specs are GTX 760, 32GB RAM, Windows 10, i7 3770k cpu. I have linked a dxdiag and log below if thats any help :)


Hay guys, im having a major issue which I just cannot fix, iv been trying multiple things now but just cant get it to work, its the match by name baking option new to substance. When i do the naming conventions in 3DS Max it bakes just fine but when I do it in May it just produces black normal map bakes, i know this because ill the By Match Name to Anything and itll bake normally then. I have set all the names appropriately (silencer_low, silencer_high) with the transform nodes and shape nodes the same, aswell as set the FBX export option to 2014/2015 but nothing seems to work.

I have screenshots below of my HP and LP naming conventions for export, is there anything wrong with them, to begin with I thought it was to do with the Shape nodes having Shape on the end of the naming conventions, but I change that via the Search and Replace tool so that they match.

EDIT: I have noticed that if I reimport the models back into Maya that the Shape nodes automatically rename to silencer_lowShape etc, instead of how I exported as silencer_low

- High Poly

- Low Poly

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