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After about a few days of using the Substance Painter, I must say, I am very impressed with HOW EASY it was to get into using the program and start painting on my models, though in Beta. I even purchased it immediately seeing how easy it was to go in there and PAINT.

Also the project structure is a little confusing... when I go to save, is there a file format for painter projects... how do I open the the project from File>> Open.

Also there is a bug when you have the alignment set to UV and you paint across a seam, the entire side of the model gets filled in... Here are some screenshots showing the issue currently (I've reported the bugs).

I would love to put some of my feedback and suggestions to make this tool very powerful and effectively be the go to for painting ever detail in 3d. Here are a list of things I would love to see for this program aside from things on the roadmap.

1. The option to invert the green channel on the normal map (this bothers me currently as the normal maps appear correct in Unity)

2. The ability to import custom brushes from Photoshop (especially useful for painting detailled surfaces such as skin freckles and dirt maps) since I have a bunch of brushes that I use on a daily basis

3. When you import meshes that has multiple pieces, I would love the ability to hide that body part at any time.

4. Custom shader support. This is especially important as I am using a custom shader set in Unity and I use SD4 to ensure the models look great in both programs.

5. Importing and being able to move decal textures. I have a few images that I want to use on my model and they are created in Photoshop to be applied to the model directly... it is kinda the eqivalent of the transform 2d node in Substance Designer.

6. I would love to see some settings for the physics painting such as viscosity (great for blood effects)

I can't wait to see this tool fleshed out
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