Author Topic: is the Share page down?  (Read 2163 times)

I just went on there and it wont let me login and if I try to create an account, it forwards to but it says website not found.

Hey nitin.grg,

the Website is down right now, yes. Allegorithmic is working on that.

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Sorry for the trouble, it's now back!
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I'm getting constant "<long url> ... cannot be displayed because it contains errors." on many of the materials and smart materials when clicking on their Download button.  Just letting you guys know.

Try this for instance--

Working fine for me this morning, including the link you posted. Maybe you encountered a temporary server glitch.

Hmmm strange.  I still receive it with Firefox.  It wasn't doing this for me a week or so ago.  I managed to download the files though via right click > save target as instead.