Author Topic: Sharing a Substance that contains a tutorial from Wes  (Read 1975 times)

Hello everyone.

I have followed a tutorial by Wes that was similar to this, but I can't seem to find at the moment:

I have tweaked it, as well as added quite a few more controls for adding snow and leaves and changing those attributes. I was wanting to know if posting something that had the basis of most of his work would be frowned upon. I would be happy to post the substance here to get some feedback if it would be cool to share. Below is an example image of the substance, and the graph.


Hey, if you have modified it , there shouldn't be any problem (especially if you did it yourself ;) )

Excellent, thanks. Yup, best way to learn is to do it yourself! :D
It just got approved, so here is a link for anyone interested