Author Topic: Slow Download  (Read 586 times)

Hey I was trying to download Substance Painter for school but when I try to download it, it downloads at 14kbps.
I tried installing the launcher instead which took a few hours and through the launcher its downloads at 0byts.
Ive contacted my ISP and my speeds are fine, if i try to download anything else from any other website or program they work, so my ISP assured me it was on Substance's end.
I was wondering if you would know why I might be having this issue.

I am still experiencing this months later for all substance applications whether downloaded from the launcher on the website. The problem is limited to products I'm downloading from Substance, likely a server issue, definitely not a problem with my internet or machine

Unfortunately this is what happens when Adobe acquires products.

I've downloaded Substance Painter several times last month and even prior as I had to work on projects that needed to remain on an older version of Painter. Never did I once experience slow download speeds.

Your comment about it being due to Adobe being in the picture is nonsensical, and appears to be nothing more than a quick shot at Adobe due to your own personal dislike.