Author Topic: A Discord server for Allegorithmic community  (Read 11005 times)

Hello everyone.

A Discord server was created for Discordapp users. Discord is an instant messaging and vocal application. This is a friendly place to get help, share your work/ideas, and of course, discuss with other Substance products users in real-time. You can even talk about the weather (the in-game one ;) ).

We are over 6000 members!

This server do not replace the forum or any other platform. It's just an extension of it. It was created to help the community to grow.

Download the app here :

To join the server, you just have to click on the link below or to copy/paste it in the app.

Have a good day!
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I greatly encourage you to be in :-)

Sold, wish every app had one T _T

Nice, never heard of discord before, but real-time chat is always a boon. Looks like there's a lot more to offer too. Count me in.

Great idea. Just joined that thing.

Best Regards
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Very nice community in discord. Do join.  :)

Great idea

Thanks to good web site for information.

I greatly encourage you to be in :-)