Author Topic: How to get textures larger than 2k in Maya? (new thread)  (Read 2546 times)

Hi, i know there is a thread for this here but when I was about to reply the page warned me about a 120 days timeframe and stuff, so i got its word and started a new thread.

I got the GPU based plugin mentioned in the old thread and followed the instructions, I think i followed them correctly, but i still can't get to bake 4K from Maya.

Any ideas of what I should check, i know i must be doing something wrong but i don't know which step i'm missing.



1, Change the Engine to Hardware
2, Restart Maya
3, Turn on Automatic baking
4, Set the resolution to 4096
5, Wait
6, Done

Really slow, but it is working (for me at least).
Cheers, D
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It worked! thanks.