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I'm interested in using Substancer Painter, but as well as texturing models I would like to make some generic textures that I can use in other applications as to textures models or use the maps for shader creation. So for example if I wanted to make say a wood texture that I could apply to any furniture model I have in other apps (e.g. daz studio, blender, poser)

But I'm wondering how to start doing this in SP as normally you import a model to work on. So using the same wood example I wouldn't have a model to bring in to create the wood on. Should I do something like just import a sphere or plane, some other primitive object and use that? Or would that cause problems with the maps because of the sphere's UVs? In something like Daz Studio I would be using the model's default UVs and then plug in the textures where I need them (colour, roughness etc.).

I'm new at SP (trying out the trial at the moment) and I haven't used a 3D paint app before, so any advice would be appreciated.
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Hey Sagem,

you can create textures and Materials from scratch in Substance Painter, but it is quite limited because Substance Painter is not made for hat purpose. Substance Designer is a better choice to create brand new Materials, to be honest.
You could use a Cube or Plane with one face fill the whole UV space to create standard textures.

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Thanks very much Fabian, I'll try filling the UV space with one face, that might well work.

Yes you can. Just play with template and make sure you merge the correct maps in the output files. I use spaninter for poser and ds too. I don't know to share the templates I used and if I can do it with other users. Victor

Also I forgot to mention that sometimes i use 3dcoat to import pbrs and make a final map from there.