Author Topic: How to add SD slope blur / warp / etc to mask?  (Read 3374 times)

I have created mask by using generator (ie, mask builder) but to do something with that mask after generator is limited.  I can only have blur highpass and level pretty much.  If it is in substance designer I can do crazy stuff like warp the mask / slope blur the mask/ directional blur the mask.

I've tried to import a slope mask node into painter but with no success.   Is there a way to do it? or I have to use SD in this case.

Create a graph in SD using the "Painter Filter (generic)" template. Just put a slope blur or a warp in between the input and output node, expose the parameters and publish it.
You should be able to import it in your Effect shelf tab and use it anywhere.

Thanks Jeremie,

I have more questions.
Did as you suggest.  I am able to import slope blur into painter as a generator.  But because Im thinking of using slope blur as a filter effect for my mask builder generator.  If I create a filter layer on top of my mask builder generator and load the slope blur sbsar into the filter.  Painter says "effect selected is not a substance effect designed".

Did I do something wrong in the process?

You should not import it as a Generator but as an Effect (drag and drop in the Effects tab). The Generators tab is for mask generators or tools that generate an output based on multiples inputs.
Effects are substance that just process a single input into a single output, like your blur.

Thanks for the reply Jeremie,

I've found my mistake.  I duped the prime input so I had 2 prime input (one went to the slope blur greyscale input, another went to slope blur slope input).  I have fixed it so there has only 1 prime input and both connected into slope blur greyscale and slope input.

I exposed all 3 parameters from the slope blur: samples, intensity and mode.  But for some reason painter only read samples and intensity.  I don't have the option of mode even tho I've exposed that parameter in SD.

It is not a huge deal but wondering if it is possible to also have the mode options exposed properly so that I can pick and choose in Painter.

Actually if I can open up the SP warp filter in SD to see how it does I'd probably be able to do the same to slope blur.  But SD doesn't graph the fx_warp.sbsar from Painter.
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