Author Topic: Import / Link settings  (Read 973 times)

Hello, so I have noticed when I export my additional maps from substance painter, (yes I prefer to bake in painter, or just paint there and use designer to create my published sbsar with with final bitmaps)

Anyway, I have noticed that sometimes the grey scale maps link to designer right off the bat as a grey scale, but sometimes they need to be manually told its grey-scale.

I am unsure why this is happening when the only difference in the bitmap name is the texture-set name.

Also, I would like to be able to set the raw or jpg option so that they all come in as jpg instead of raw, cause its easier to change the normal map to raw instead of all the others to jpg.

This would be trivial if when you selected multi items they all took the setting value change instead of just 1 of the bunch you have selected.