Author Topic: HELP: Increase Tiling on a PBR Material  (Read 1218 times)


I've been trying to manipulate how many times a PBR material repeats on a model to increase the resolution. Everything I can find online about "tiling" relates to the 2d transform node on a imported image.

I assume there's a way to make the "in engine" nodes tile more?
The tiling mode is set to H and V but there doesn't seem to be a way to tell it how many times to tile?

What am I missing here?

Thank you all!

I guess i can create 6 transform 2d nodes and run each "noodle" into it to make it tile more. Is this really the best way?

Hey jonathon.ruland,

you could use a Material Transform node or a Safe Transform to get predefined sliders.

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I'm also a bit confused about how the tiling works however I'm convinced that is down to my inexperience.

If I'm creating a substance, say a rusty metal, I can use the global material slider and get really nice resolution. However once I start assigning textures to a UV'd object this no longer works as the AO, normal etc all get scaled as well.

So I have experimented with the Transform Material node which does indeed allow me to tile a material, however the resolution is low. Here are some pictures as an example, using one of the standard PBR materials on a rounded cube:

Global Tiling x 1

Global Tiling x 8 (Looks great!)

Material Transform (no tiling)

Material Transform /2 (x3) - Looks pretty blurry