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I have a big problem. so if anyone knows anything about this or any help would be excellent, or if someone else is having same issue would be great too, so we can figure out this thing happening!

After I set project, set mesh, maps etc, I start to set my brush settings, as well as materials... start to paint, and if I have multiple objects i paint them with different materials and color, but > when I save as > my project (.spp), and then quit program > start it again all my brushes and  materials are back to default! and I have to select materials over again and tweak brushes over again!!!!

I really dont understand what is going on but its very annoying and terrible!
extra info > I'm on win 10 x64, i7 5820k, r9 380x, 32 gb ddr4 if that's helpful...

any info or solution would be much appreciated

If you want to keep your brush and material settings between sessions of the application, you will have to create presets. Simply right-click over the properties window and choose one of the "create preset" option available. These presets will be saved in your shelf.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Froyok aka Fabrice Piquet, Technical Artist and Product Designer at Allegorithmic.

Yes, as I tought so > was thinking about this but the moment I saw your reply, I've verified that thought!

I meant that substance painter is gonna remember last brush and mat.tweak just before closing the program, and when I pick up work next time it'll just remember where I left of so that I do not have to make a preset and ''potentially'' make mess in shelf...

So in a way if I have a mesh that consist of three different pieces, let say if I would like to have a brush and material setting remebered for these three individual parts so that later on , can comeback and pick exactly where I left them ( in a state that the were finished eg.brush, mat.setting and channels for mats ) I would have to make three or more brush and mat.presets >to name them properly and to come back to those meshes, select appropriate preset that I have made and to continue work or do some modifications? right?

Wouldn't be great if this great piece of program have ability to somehow bind those settings with layers, so that for example if I have 5 layers for mesh or if I have three individual parts and everyone of them has 3 layers, or whatever it is just an example > that I can comeback at any time > click on particular layer and to continue refining geometry but with same exact brush and mat.setting that I finished it or left it?

I don't know if you understand me > to bind those settings for individual layers or if you have three layers for each separate piece of a geometry to have some kind of a master layer on top which will remeber those settings!

From an aspect of design, functionality, ergonomics and usability as far as I'm concerned ( Iam designer too, and I think Idea, and usability in terms of  if that is gonna speed up proces, be very simple and easy to work with, that's design... and if it's innovative thing that pushes us forward, well then you are hell of a artist and designer > of course not talking about other aspects being artist and designer, we all know what those are, but if we talk about this apect, then I stand by my opinion ) it's great thing, that disburden of extra headache, making a potentiall mess in shelfs, scrolling down every single time when we start program, and clicking... I think it'll saves all of us extra work...

So these was just an idea, constructive critic to help make a perfect program, and from point of me being an end user I would shurely like to see some functions like this in future releases and by my opinion this would set you miles ahead of competition!

Thanks for your reply, helped me a lot, and again I meant nothing wrong or bad, just expressing opinions and ideas...
cheers  :)