Author Topic: A Few Questions about Substance Designer  (Read 1171 times)

Hello everyone.  I am considering a SD subscription and wanted to ask a few questions.  I do all of my rendering in Cinema 4D using Vray, so I will be using the app to output textures directly.  I've seen some tutorials where the max resolution is 2048 x 2048?  Can I export 4K textures?  I'm in need of some really good wood flooring materials.  I've seen a few substances that mimic hardwood, but the wood grains, in my opinion, are too consistent and have no waviness.  Is is possible to move/rotate the procedural in each plank, so that the planks don't look like one big texture with lines separating it?  In other words, I want variation in each plank - not continuous.  This would apply to marble tiles too where each tile is unique - (varying seed per tile).  Lastly, I'm assuming I can easily create seamless tiling textures in SD?  I would appreciate any feedback and if someone could point me towards some good tutorials that would be really helpful too.  Thanks.  Kevin

You can create textures up to whatever size your GPU can handle. I'm usually creating 8k textures.

However, some maps work only at 4K max so you can create higher res textures but some details might get blurry (I've never noticed that though.)

Now for your wood planks, there's several methods for making what you want so they won't look continuous at joints.

You won't regret trying SD for sure!

Thanks, JQL.  Most of my rendering is with VRAY.  I have read on several sites that there is a plugin to convert Substances to maps that work with Vray.  I can't find this export feature.  Is this something I have to download?  I am still using the trial.  Very cool app!  Could someone please point me in the right direction?  Thanks again.