Author Topic: UE4 Substance Plugin Image Input need a 16bit file format  (Read 5676 times)

I use two image input with my Substance Designer material in the Unreal Engine 4. But I must use 16bit images because this is for the Tri-planar node.
And actually" substance image input" are jpeg and tga not 16bit png.
Thank you.

the substance engine in Unreal doesn't handle 16 bits (yet): you may want to plug to add an input into you graph to plug a png engine side, but anyhow, you won't get the exact same result if there is 16 bits nodes into your graph.

to be more precise, it handles 16 bits grayscale and 8 bits color.

Hi,thank you for your answer.
Actually, png 16 bits colour (position map) works perfectly in substance designer. But I didn't see how to put a png engine for ue4 (or other image).
Convert my position map image 8bit -> 16bit in SD graph that pixelised yet.

yes, everything works within Substance Designer (the limitation comes from the Substance Engine within Unreal)
in your graph, you may want to treat channels individually to keep them in grayscale 16 bits.

I find why I didn't understand you.
Photoshop CS6 can't export 16 bits TGA  :(

tga doesn't support 16 bits in general : it has to be png

The problem is not only the use of 16 bits / 8 bits but import a PNG for the substance plugin in UE4

I don't want put png in my graph. I want to use the advantages of "substance graph instance"
So this is impossible

you can put an input instead of your bitmap,: this way , you can plug a different map for each instance.

Which type of input do you mean ?
I already use an image input for the instance. But you only can use substance image

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my bad, I wasn't aware about the png limitation within unreal.
I'll loop Josh in the thread for further info.

Thank you very much.

HI francois.espagnet,

I added importing PNGs to the task list for the UE4 plugin. In the meantime I would continue to use TGA's or bake in the png file in the sbsar itself. I think you could use a parameter exposure in designer to toggle between the various inputs you have.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Have you tried selecting the GPU engine in the UE4 Substance plugin settings?