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ok I have managed to texture a car in Substance Painter with the car paint shader and it looks ok, but exporting it out to UE4 or even render it inside Substance Painter 2 with iRay shows a completely different result. I assume it's because, according to Wes's instruction in the 1.7 video, you have to set metallic all the way to 1 to have the car paint shader be active. Well in iRay it looks like you get exactly what you would normally expect, a super metallic colored surface, which doesn't look like car paint at all.

What am I doing wrong?

Wes's videos are amazing, but the docs of Substance Painter are unfortunately completely useless and provide no information.

The car paint shader in SP is a very specific shader that will have to be replicated in Iray or Unreal to look similar as the OpenGL viewport. I believe Epic is working on their own set of car paint shaders. We will also try to match it in IRay in the future but it may not be 100% similar.

So I can texture the car in SP but there is no way I can take it anywhere else than let it live inside SP?  :D I'm sorry, this is so ridiculous it makes me laugh  :D

Serious now, I don't mind replicating the shading in another app, but I'm already failing at exporting the correct textures out of SP. What I get looks completely wrong, so there is no point in even trying to set up materials in other apps with these maps. Would there be a way to get it to work via Designer?

I don't mind doing some reading and searching, but there seems to be absolutely no information available apart from Wes's quick introduction.

Thanks for your feedback though.
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