Author Topic: Color Picker anywhere?  (Read 7390 times)


Is there a Color Picker Tool anywhere or a Material Picker. Googled a lot for it but wasn' t able to find anything.
Would be cool to have a list anywhere with the 'last used materials'. Similar to the 'last used color list' of an 2D Painting app.

for the material it's at the bottom of the screen but for color picker it's a good question.

I miss a color picker or color history for the "Geometry" tool. The Tool is great but hard to use because you cant go back to previously used colors.

If you paint a selection some shade of red, then paint something white and later want the same red again, you will not be able to, except a) exporting the Texture out and fixing it in Photoshop or b) being REALLY careful or c) painting every color on a separate Layer.

Would be awesome to have at least the last 6 Colors available to pick or set up "Custom Colors" (where there is a lot of space below the color selection in the Tool properties). A god-tier feature would be to have these colors be adjustable even later in the process so you can easily change entire color schemes by adjusting a single "Custom Color" if you will.
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Color picker; must be the #1 requested feature, followed by 4k textures :)

Where's Beta 6 guys?

It is coming sooner than later ;)

In addition the current color picker palette should auto close when you start painting again instead of having to hit "ok".