Author Topic: Baking vertex color from low-poly mesh  (Read 1579 times)

Baking vertex colors for masking from low-poly mesh to itself creates errors (probably due to close surfaces with the model) and I didn't see any option for exploding non-connected mesh parts inside object.

It would be preferable not to actually bake vertex colors, but simply copy the colors from vertices to matching uv coordinates. Any workaround for this inside SD or do I need to do it elsewhere?

Have you tried adjusting the Frontal and Rear ray distances ?
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Yep, some errors disappear when I set it to 0.0001, but some errors are still there.

Would you mind posting some images?
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This got fixed. Apparently SD doesn't have problems baking floating meshes if they are separate objects. On the first try I had floating meshes inside the same object and those were not exploded. Either that, or the baking has changed.