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I just downloaded the beta of 5.4 and I see these new options under the "Metallic" area of the standard shader.

It seems like it's straight forward as to what they do -- like "Albedo Alpha" I'm guessing would use the alpha channel of the albedo map as roughness?

But, is there a more detailed explanation of the options and their intended purposes?



Hi Andrew

As far as I know this was done by the Unity PBR team, and is completely unrelated to the Substance integration. This allows the 'Smoothness' values to be fetched from the alpha channel of the diffuse map instead of from the metallic map, so depending on your art pipeline and the way you export your textures it might make sense or not (maybe this was done to save some texture samples on some platforms ?).

If you decide to use the "Albedo alpha" option with a ProceduralMaterial, then you must make sure that the alpha selector of the diffuse/albedo map is set to Smoothness/Roughness to get an output that is equivalent to the "Metallic alpha" option.

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Oh interesting -- cool.

I suppose if a material is 100% metal & opaque, perhaps you could get away with not using a metal map and save some texture memory.

I'd be interested (and this is totally off topic I guess) to know if having other single maps share a texture in RBGA would be helpful too -- like, I guess Metal/Rough/AO/Height could all be in one texture, or Albedo/Metal/Rough/AO.

I think the Alloy shaders employ a similar packing technique, for that exact same purpose, don't they ?

(I think you were maybe even the person who originally mentioned this in another topic a long time ago)

Nope, that wasn't me :)  But it does seem like a good idea.