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Im following a Tut from You Tube that James Sky made on Making Dirty Tiles and followed very closely and cannot get the same results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Convert your noise at the very beginning of your graph to color by adding a gradient node. and you should be good to go.
(when you see a red link, you know you have a problem  :) )

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your reply though cannot get it to look as it suppose to be in the example.
If you have time could you fix my file please so i can see what i have done wrong. I followed exactly as the tut but no luck.

Mine looks like concrete,lol.

Here is the link to the Tut

hey, I didn't do the entire tuto, but there were values tweaking & some blend which blending color and grayscale...
you can take a look at the graph in attachment.

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for this, very kind of you to do this for me, greatly appreciated.  ;D

Hi Vincent,

The graph works much better now thanks, though i still have red connection at the top of the graph between the blends joining.
Any suggestions?

Where these blends are i think the nodes dont work.

You can either add a gradient node to the grayscale node,  or a grayscale conversion node to the color one.

The most important is that they have to be from the same type.

Thanks Vincent,

I have to add a few. Cheers ;D