Author Topic: Substance Package Reversing !  (Read 1708 times)

I know , I know , Maybe this question is not pleasant but I want this just for learn !
I want to reverse SBSAR/SBSASM package to "Orginal Substance File" with graphs .
I want to reverse "Broken_Glass.sbsar" ( Free Package In 3Ds Max ) , I opened it with WinRAR and I got two File :
- assemblies\content\0000\Broken_Glass.xml
- assemblies\content\0000\Broken_Glass.sbsasm
How can I decompile SBSASM Package To SBS File with graphs ...

I really know this is not good thing and It can waste people efforts !
But I really need to know how can I made broken glass ...
If this way can't be able ... Please tell me how can I made effects like that myself ...

Thanks !

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I have attached the sbs files for the 3dsMax substances.


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It's great ! thank you man !
If we don't end the war , War will end us ...