Author Topic: How to make the normal map influence the flow of a particle brush correctly  (Read 1299 times)

Hi there,

When I paint via a paticle brush (Leaks) on the layer above a normal map, and set the normal factor to 1.0, the flow direction of the leaks nerver influenced by the  normal map, why?
Here is the setting of my simple test project:
By the way, the leaks brush is in a default setting.
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Particle brushes can take into account only the normals that are in a normal map plugged into Additional maps. So, for now you have to export your Normal Channel and re-plug the resulting normal map into Additional maps slot. This new exported normal map will contain details both from your old baked normal map from Additional maps slot AND information that you have painted into the Normal channel.

Oh, I got it!
It works well after I re-plug the resulting normal into additional map slot.
Thank you very much! :D