Author Topic: layer problem in substance painter 2  (Read 8116 times)

Okay here is a quick example from your project :

What Vincent mentioned was right, you need to change the blending mode of the channels in your layer to get the proper blending result. Usually we only change the blending modes of the main group in our smart materials. However this only works because we also put a mask on these groups. In you case (see screenshot) the "base" group doesn't have a mask, so changing its blending will have no impact because it will rely on the layer inside its content to know what to blend.

So you can either change the blending modes like a did on the screenshot (on the layers below), or just change the blending modes of the main group and add a mask on it (which is probably the most convenient workflow).

I suggest looking at our samples to see how we blend multiple kind of materials. For example that's what I did with vela :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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thanks to all for the help !!!

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